So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


You’d be surprised how fast a dropped stitch can unravel if it is in just the right place in a lace pattern.

I am going to have to take it back more than one full pattern repeat.
It follows therefore that I am a) less than happy; and b) sympathetic with you in your tricotribulations.

Hurl a boot at the parrot for me.


Gaffer tape on her beak works


You can get her to stay put and not bite you!


Quite right. They are to be emulated, not added.


If she were in the habit of smiting knitters for making adjustments to cover small mistakes I would have been so thoroughly smited years ago that I would have been beyond ever knitting at all. I am of the opinion that one of the biggest secrets of successful knitting is knowing which mistakes can be covered up and which can’t. it is amazing how many corrective techniques you can learn, with practice.

Ouch! I haven’t learned a way round that one. Much sympathy.


Thank you. Have taken it back to where I managed to catch the escaped stitch - well, the three loose ones that resulted from one lost several rows further up. Wasn’t a full repeat, only six rows not the twelve I feared. So that’s all right. There was a remarkably small number of sweariewords deployed, considering. Sorry about the glare from me halo.



Orf to me nest.


Do I detect Sparkly & Shiny in that there wool?

Todays/yesterdays headache just about receding



You do indeed, Dahlink. No fooling you, even if you don’t do wool. But whoever heard of a dark teal halo, eh?

Bah! to the bloody headache, but hurrah to it being in retreat.

G xxx


It’s Hissing it down too




Hi honeys I am on a train


Do you not select your halo to match your outfit then, Gus?



I am wearing my cardigan today and it’s lovely and snuggly and warm
I t hi My halo is a mucky scratched bent silver that could do with a clean


Gaw, I hope you gave the Iarnród due warning…

You should go for carbon fibre…



Black, accented with little bits of fluff from knitting, is not a good look in halos, dere. So I stick with the traditional golden glow.


Black and gold is a very acceptable combination, I feel. Classic, even.

Provided, of course, that the halo is also accented with little bits of fluff from knitting, to provide the co-ordination.


Oh, rest assured it will be - from when I’m tearing me 'urr.


I have just had a ball in M&S in the black pool

I think the Bull is affronted about me and tights that kept falling off and bringing me drawers with them

I lost patience with this and just hid behind the Bull and removed said tights
I think I was meant to find a city centre shopping centre and try to contort myself in the lack of room in there


[Silently passes Yon Bull a brimming pitcher of Strong Liquor]


Buggrit—I’m heading that way in a few minutes. If I’d known I’d have gone up earlier and could have met up.

Ah well—another time…


Source unknown, posted elsewhere:

“Everyone’s totally drunk on that sangria. But I thought we ran out of lemonade.”
“I used a lemonade substitute.”
“What was the substitute?”

(What they think lemonade has to do with sangria, I have no idea.)