So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


That’s the one.
And very delicious it is.


Small Snell Snyff

There is an inexplicable dearth of cheese at Carinthia Towers ATM

A situation I will remedy tomorrow



We have a good selection of cheese as we never got round to eating what I got to have a cheese board as a pud for my pharmacist friend

Apparently I fed her too much

Though her Da was ready for three portions of pudding


Morning all

Bacon sizzling fresh floury rolls cooling a boule loaf of crusty bread with a pound of soft butter and a butterknife left to cool on a side table by a chatelaine’s chaise

I hope she enjoys it


I shall add to that the result of the emergency


Fruit ‘n’ veg is healthy for breakfast right?


Either you have sourced the vanishingly rare Crescent Lychee for that unique twist or we have a crustacean incursion on our hands in our drinks.


Some fruit ‘n’ veg are more wiggly than others.


Gus be thankful

It used to be personalised lobsters in BMs!


Newts added to cockytails by Lady M…


We should do something with them; my tub of newts overfloweth.


Well newts do NOT go in beer or gin!


Newts don’t go anywhere in my book


The Personalised Lobsters were a fine touch



Quick question for our knitters

I have done one row knitted of a rib and found myself to be short a stitch

I have added a stitch and am now hoping it won’t be too noticeable

Will the knitting goddess smite me down?


It depends, Twellsy. If you started out with the right number you might end up with a stagger in the rib. Was this the first row or are you several rows in?


Wu’n’t me.


First row

I THINK I managed to correct it so it’s not too bad being the first row

I am reluctant to rip back as the yarn is a core of knitted nylon with very short fluff of wool and alpaca blown through it

The short fibres felt with alacrity and so it’s hard to take back without ending up with bald nylon…


I should think it will be ok.


Scratches arms inna Discreet Manner…



Yes, that should be fine.

At a guess, no: she just smote me mightily, thus fufilling her quota for the day.


Want some of my stair rod cream

Thanks Fishy it sort of looks OK


Oh dear Gus

How wrong over how many rows?

As this is my 6th attempt to get this underway I am hopeful of getting it going

Though can someone tell Titi not to try duets with me while I am counting in units of 8?

I cannot whistle the Belfast hornpipe and count at the same time!

I also have used bigger needles than on the pattern and gone done a size

XL would have doubled as a tent for the circus