So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


sounds familiar. But there are four Cropwell Bishop Creamery blues, none called that, and it is likely to be one of them but I have no idea which! It’s not a hard cheese exactly,more squidgey.

Definitely a ripe Camembert, Carinthia. They had Brie as well but it wasn’t so ripe.

And Yummy was indeed the word.


Takes Crusty Bread into corner

Sulks abit



Proffers a fresh loaf and a pound of butter to a chatelaine

With a come on bert and crackers…

And a BM


[menacing cheesy bloop]


Have yer hand off soon as look at you, them would.


Now wee birdie I have pork apple and black pudden sossiges to put into fresh rolls

There is enuff forra dunnock…


Challenge. Accepted.


One pig’s worth of sossiges to start with wee birdie?


I’ll just make sure the trebuchet is cranked up in case of sudden Bengals…

(Not for them. For me.)


Hamper full of a pig’s worth of sossiges and 2kg of multiseed flour turned into rolls trbucheted to a wee birdie…

I will charge some gin for the next load


Have this one to put off the parasites:

You probably don't want to look in here.

meanwhile we can stick to the good stuff.


There are two pink gins I will accept

One is gin and tonic with a dash of angustora bitters

The other is dubonnet to a third full of a highball glass gin to two thirds full and finish with soda




Success of sorts, in that I have managed to update my list of medications/doses from the old copy in my Documents File on the Waptop & print them

Flumps on Chaise

Proffers Empty Pitcher for filling



[Pourity] × many


[grateful slurpity]




A lady I knew who was a showgirl in the 1930s who married a wealthy Harley St doctor drank nothing but her lethal gin/dubonnet cocktails and made sure every visitor had one

Gentlemen got whiskey or cognac

She was a darling and she spoilt me rotten sending me to the boutique to get a new outfit if she thought I had need of one
At Christmas I was sent to the posh jeweller to have the pick of the shop

All I did was help her with the choreography for the children’s chorus in the local pantomime and visit her and the doctor at least once a week

I still have her gold leather clutch bag


This had me so intrigued I not only googled, I googled my googling. Could it be this?

Doesn’t look quite the same, but if yours is more mature… ?


The name sounds really familiar but I don’t think it can be that one, because what we have is not really hard; but Nettlebed would be local to Henley, which adds to the plausibility…

I am just going to have to go there again, aren’t I, and scout it all out. They are a butcher too, and they get their lamb in on Wednesdays, so really fresh liver and kidneys. And they do fish, and make their own sausages…


The Witheridge ‘looks’ softer in this picture:

Whatever, I’d love to try it.


My heart bleeds…