So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I now carry a copy of my history (pertinent points) and my drug list so I can wave it at junior or locum quacks to ensure they know I have not caught my ills off the interwebby thing

Getting the hospitals to cc me in their letters to GP etc means I have letterheaded stuff for them to try and understand!




Obviously you do, Twellsy. It’s fairly important for your survival.

Just reminded me to update my medication list



Ha, yes. I used to keep a spreadsheet…


I would point out that one of the most drying things you can have is absolute ethanol.


Personally I’d place anything that might tempt them from the straight and narrow well out of their line of sight, just as I kept it safe from the elements yesterday.

You’d be doing them a favour…


I am afraid that I would cheerfully quaff my tipple of choice - if they cannot put up with a glass or two being drunk with a meal then they should not have gorn for a silly fashion thing


Wakey wakey you lot

Bacon sizzling in pan

Bread ready to cut doorstops from ready to construct bacon butties from hot buttered crusts


You certainly know how to command a Gus’s full attention ;- )


Bacon butty and a bucket of tea dear?

I tries to keep folk with a lining on their stomachs in case gin vodka pernod or beer happens…


Gosh, is that a thing that happens round here?

(Sits back and waits for beer.)

Oh all right then



Hurls bacon butties to a pore starving freezing wee birdie

Birdies needs to be kept warm in inclement weather you know


Hmm, “performative hypothermia”. Two words that I suspect don’t often get used together.


Scandalized Font On

Hot Buttered Crusts are just that

Bacon Butties are never made from HBC

Scandalized Font Orff



Not when you are in the vicinity, dere, no: once trampled, twice shy.



And we don’t know the names of two of them. One is a blue cheese called (possibly) “something-beginning-with-C,something that might be Bishop”; the other is the one with lines in it which is "something-beginning-with-W and possibly -“in-Hay.”

The nice man in the shop carefully wrote out an itemised receipt, you see.

The others are Cashel Blue, Jarlsberg, Camembert and Beaufort.


There is a Cropwell Bishop Blue.


Is that really ‘Come on Bert’ , 'cos it looks like Brie?

Either way, it can walk right over here, right now




Does look yummy!