So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I am inexpressibly impressed but cannot resist pointing out that

may very well not, in that day and age, have been the direct result of Armitage action but more likely Players No. 6.

Nevertheless < applause >


It’s all sunny out there.

In January.

Indignant tseep!



January is functioning normally over this side. Grey and depressing.


Beautiful sunshine here, if very cold. More gales expected this evening though


In my experience peelers would smoke anything with nicotine in it through a sweaty sock

I am on the train honeys


Double buggrit! I was within shouting distance - the gig was at the NCAD. But of course I had to have the phone switched off…


Next time we will tell you in advance Joe


It’s going to be bad tonight, the boat has been cancelled.

As an aside, it always amuses me that when the Steam Packet announce that a sailing has been cancelled, they invariably go on to say that the return sailing has also been cancelled. Weeeell, yes!


Yes one would think that they thought folk would know that the return was also not happening

Our county is missed out by the warnings

The only one on the Atlantic seaboard not being warned!



They’ve met you before.


Mrs. Armrest had her arm’s MRI result consultation today. The surprise being that one particular break still has a space. There is some bone grosth but not yet enough. They’ll leave it up to 6 months & review it to see if it’s progressed. If not then decide whether … or not … a bone graft is the option, or say “damn it, leave it be”.


Ooo poor surprising one

Snot fair


Then we went to that Liverpool for a wander about. It’s certainly improved over the years. Though it remains 'the city where no-one has ever said “don’t you think you’re a bit old to wear that ?”.

Lovely weather, crisp & bright blue skies.

We ate interesting tapas, not yer standard stuff. Safron risotto witb smoked trout, Potato & chorizo rosti with a smoked bacon chop amongst them.

I watched a Chinese busker play The Four Seasons on violin with a drunk Irishman (no relation) ceilidh dancing in front of him supping a can of Guinness.

All interspersed with endless photo mock-ups, spoof videos and running commentry about James Hewitt’s son and some American game show dolly.

Then bought Manx kippers for tomorrow’s breakfast. Finally went to see the new Guy Ritchie film, ‘The Gentlemen’. An acquired taste, & not for all, but I love his stuff & this is a superb example. Hugh Grant, despite everything, is excellent.

A pleasant adventure.


I suppose one could argue that it’s already happened, since the boat’s here rather than there


… and a big moon tonight.

This photo, seen over the Cheshire Plain, from the top of our road, doesn’t do it justice really.


You do know that’s bollocks, don’t you?


I hope that whether or not the bone has grown as it should, the wretched arm hurts the Surprising One less. Please convey her my best wishes.


Not for lack or trying, though…


Never let facts get in the way of a good line though, Gus.


Am I alone in not having a clue who or what that is about? Some celeb reference that’s passed me by, I suppose…

Incidentally, shouldn’t we be making plans for relocating? ≈ 10,000 posts is the limit, if memory serves