So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


It was rumoured, largely on the strength of Prince Harry having red hair, that he was the fruit of a liaison between his mother and James Hewitt. Which would have involved time travel, but is the obvious explanation because ginger hair is of course completely unknown on the maternal side…

Said prince and his missus are somewhat in the news at the moment.

Probably, yes. Not tonight though ;- )


Prolly, Joe…

Do have an Drink
Proffers Pitcher

I am wrapping Christmas presents…

Pick yourselves up - am not so far ahead of myself, although I do start early!
I will be seeing the Senior Darlings & Grandchildren next week, so we will exchange gifts then.

In accordance with my policy of decluttering, they are each getting summat ‘extra’, in the sense that I am lightening the load to be sorted when I Pop Orff.
I gave The Lad & my lovely DiL Mr C’s Brandy decanter, wiv silver label, wot he was given when he retired for the first time.

Brandy only ever leaves the bottle here - as Dunnock will attest, there is a problem with evaporation… :wink:

Stepdaughter will get a rather nice crystal bowl which was Aged Aunt’s, & some Shanagarry pottery which was my Mother’s. It will match a jug she acquired from a Charity shop, which she loves.

Liberates Pitcher for self




Wottan week

The 9th was the 4th Anniversary of my Father’s death, & the 10th was the first Anniversary of my BiL being found dead.

Brain Frying & Headache

Shite in abundance…

Liberates Pitcher



[[[hugs]]], Darling


Thank-you so much, Gus

Steam is coming out of my ears ATM

My Darlings know that I calculate the cost of everything to the last £1

I have never had favourites, & my Darlings know this

The GrandDarlings know it too



Dear chatelaine please take time to cosset YOU

You are more loved than monetarily considerations

Your darlings wouldn’t give a flying fart if you gave them a bucket of horse manure

They just want you

Anyway it’s swings and roundabouts as the price of stuff averages out over the years

Big bear hugs


I was pondering this, since ‘here’ and ‘there’ are relative, so where is ‘here’ and where is ‘there’? And it brought back a memory…

Once, when Lou was very small (about 3), she was behaving oddly in the far corner of the room, as though she was trying to hide something. “What are you up to over there?” I asked. Her instant, and indignant, reply was “I’m not over there, I’m over here”.

I couldn’t argue with that, really.


Chidren’s logic is usually unarguably correct

I hope memories like that give you a bit of comfort and a fond smile


Bah humbug. But there’s still the


and now, as opposed to earlier, there’s even some light grey in the sky.


No one does indignation quite as well as three-year-olds. They’re quite good at contempt, too. I recall getting mine out of the car on arrival at the seaside, first stop of course being a loo as is so often the case at that age (and at mine now, come to think of it). I was chatting away cheerfully and said “This is where X & Y used to come on holiday when they were your age”; this resulted in a freezing look and the swingeing pronouncement “Not on holidays in TOILET, Mummy”. I shrank corrected.


About the new cellar: I am out all day today, so can you lot keep it down to ninety posts? I’ll sort out a new one either late tonight,or tomorrow morning, and the premises are being dug as I type.


Okay dear Fishy

Might I put in a plea for my trapeze outside please?

I would be forever grateful

Rushes off to find receipts for exquisite fish food treats


You can’t go wrong with ants’ eggs, dere.


But they can be improved with ease by making them even nicer like for instance turning them into scotch ant’s eggs


Wiv real Scotch?



One wants a happy fish


I’m not going to arsk how you wrap ants eggs in Sossinge meat…



It’s surprisingly easy. Acquire a) some sausage meat; and b) some ants including a queen. Introduce b to a and they will do it for you for no extra charge.


Then c) an hungry Fishie to clear up the mess.

(Meanwhile I am taking advantage of Absence of Fish to have a black-pudding-feast.)


Aha! I just had a pork & black pudding sausage for lunch. And a pork & garlic sausage. And a pork, Jack Daniels & honey sausage. And mash and onion gravy.

The pub was having a sausage festival - eighteen different sausages to choose from.

I drew the line at pork & kipper sausages though. Somehow, just didn’t sound right to me.