So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Are you pulling the Cellar’a collective leg, dere?


Nope. I promise they were a fact. As were the rum & plum sausages.


Coo! The IoM is indeed one of the wilder shores of gastronomy.


I too have had black pudding today. Not the nicest, TBH, despite being from Bury.

I prefer to buy it in rings, with a ‘skin’ wot has to be removed, if I can. DiL prefers a slice from the huge loaf shaped puddings produced by most butchers around here. I can’t be doing with those as they have huge lumps of fat in them



The most terrible crimes against Sossinge are the ones that must be most thoroughly investigated. Yum.


I bought some bottle-green trousers today.

That’s a first.

That’s all.


‘Gracias,’ said Armrest to el vendedor…


I used to wear nowt BUT bottle green trouserrs or skirt with a bottle green jumper as my top layers!


Here is your allotment of Scandiwegian madness for the day. For once, it’s not Finns.


Yes but that was a uniform, Twellsy

I couldn’t join the Brownies because of the uniform :joy:

I don’t do Brown…



Speakin’ as a naturally drab sort of bird, I have to say: I’d rather be shiny.


Whaddaya mean, madness? It worked just fine.


Observe the healthy glow.


It’s the cherry colour of the jet exhaust while in motion that amused me

That’s ready for a smith’s hammer!


Neither do we, now. It was my school huniform colour and, surprisingly, that of Mrs Short-Armrest (see what I did there ???).


I bought a deep green dress, today:

It comes down to the beely knees, thankfully.
Soo xx


That will look lovely on you, Soo.


It looks okay, Janie and goes well with the family tartan scarf I’ll wear for Burns Night.
Just returned from afternoon tea at friend’s house which morphed into summick alcoholic. Unaccustomed as I am…no, really…I returned home ‘early’. Hic!
Soo xx


trans: was stretchered back, blootered?


Soo xxxxxx
eta I am off to bed. It’s the only recourse available. Two gallons of water have been consumed.
Soo xx