So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


At least an stretcher forran Bee is a fairly small thing to keep about the place.


It’s getting horribly windy out there. Must be from the wrong direction, because me hackles are up.


Wind & heavy rain here




It was just starting to drizzle very slightly as I turned the corner into this road on my way home. And as you may have gathered, I am home, safe, tired and going to bed once I have unwound the M25 from round my neck.


Yay! forra Returned Fish.


Minnow End, Fishy?/



IANAF but - ‘w’?

< runs away and hides >


Quiet here, so it can’t be Brendan yet; as usual, we get to test him first, before sending him East for Soo to give a final once over to make sure he’s in good order to ruffle the rest of your feathers (or fur or whatever)




Should be reasonably immune to ruffling so long as Brendan’s had the edge taken off, I guess :sunglasses:


Round these soft southern parts, they’re not even offering us much of a gust.



I would point out that Joe then TFM are next to test Brendan after we start the test

Soo is a lot further east


I expect I’ll be out counting the missing slates on the roof before soo gets to have a go. I won’t complain so long as it’s not as many as it was after Ophelia a few years back, I won’t forget her in a hurry…!



I stand corrected :wink: … I know that, just somehow managed to get confused, prolly 'coz of that there new cushion you got, featuring one very large Bee, so I had Bees on the Brane


YOU have a brane?


Winky doodah


Of course … I have no green socks !


You know, I find that quite… reassuring, somehow.


Is there anybody there?
I have fresh bread just out of the oven

And butter…


\_______/ <------ Me Plate