So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Very effective bait, that, dere.


And a free range hen just rubbed in rape seed oil and seasoned then roast so it is golden brown and crispy skin

Served with boiled baby spuds and peas and sweetcorn with proper gravy to be mopped up with fresh well buttered bread

The chatelaine has had the crusts so we only get the bread!


Crust Smugglers of the Cellar…

actually that sounds faintly obscene


Ponders possible causes for confusion between crusts and budgies. Confesses self baffled.



I hope you are well battened down
The forecast is vile


Even the south of England has a yellow warning of high winds for Tuesday.


It doesn’t look very pleasant, certainly, but we’ve had a lot worse (I hope). Storm force 10 predicted for tomorrow, sea state high.

I’ve just seen the new cellar. Pity in some ways, it could have been a good idea to cower until this storm has passed.



I may need a jumper.


But then wot would I do wiv all this gin?


Don’t worry, Hedgers–I’ll take good care of it…


We are in for violent storm 11 according to the shipping forecast

And spring tides


Not a good combination. Stay safe, Twellsy.


We are 110m above msl so the sea is not so much of a worry

We do get electric shortages with storms as we are near a power station and substation

Still our generator is working and we have fuel

And I have a well stocked fridge and all sorts of stuff in the freezer and larder

Remote living means that you have to be able to get by on what you have


Hence the local delicacy, haunch of leopard wiv nettles.


Does being so close mean you can go & get some if it stops coming in automatically ?


They carry it home in buckets thereabouts, I believe.


Not forgetting to wear good-quality wellies so that it doesn’t escape.

Orf to me nest.


Tseep well, Sparrer.

I am almost certain I stumbled across this advice in an entirely different context but I can’t quite call it to mind, Bird bach…


Got up in the middle of the night to feed the 3d printer.



Prolly the last yardarm for this cellar, if we have a go at polishing off the thread today…


I expect it needs a good polishing after 9 months of heavy use but why do we have to polish it? Don’t we have staff for that kind of thing?