So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


We tend to leave the cellars as they are and I think Darrington sends a minion or ten to see to the recycling and ensure treasures things we forgot get brung back to us

Brendan has landed and he is a very boisterous boy

We have flood warnings along the coast luckily for us we are about 4 miles from the coast so we get the breezes and precipitation but not the flood problems

Been to quack - got my arthur-itis gel prescription doubled and extra nebules for me asthma


When I was living in east London, I knew I’d be flooded if the Thames Barrier let go, but so would all the terribly expensive buildings in Docklands so I’d be happy. (Actually it’s more a surface-water risk there, because the local council is Newham and therefore doesn’t care about drainage.)


We have rather extravagant bogs that are carbon sinks and water storage devices

You know step in the wrong place and get yer wellies sucked off

That is no fun

So we have saturated ground with heavy rain

It makes me glad we live in a hovel atop a hill on a rock in the bog when storms hit

It’s the machairs that are at risk - flat areas by the sea that are incredibly fertile and only found in W Ireland and the Western isles


Yer average Connemara family

A tad blowy here


Snorkity snork Joe


My Mayo fambly resemble that remark Joe.


Mayo is in Connaght after all…

I have just prepped dinner

Toad in the hole with spinach and onion gravy


Here’s a wevver link wiv wind speeds, for us reprobates lurking in the Old Cellar:

(link to removed by request of Fish)


Ta we birdie
Surprise surprise the purple colour is just enough inland to include us!


Limpet-Inspired House mk 1:

with a large pit under it, hydraulic rams to pull it down so that only the gently-sloping roof is above ground level, and a spring so that it can get up again even if the power is off.

Limpet-Inspired House mk 2:

with sloping armour plates which one attaches to the ground at one end and to the edge of the roof at the other, the whole lot forming a smooth curve. This also lets you save the bits of garden closest to the house.


My reason for asking for that link to be removed was that when I clicked on it, the machine froze and a window opened informing me that “a website” was the reason the machine was “slow”; then when I clicked on “do you want to stop this process? Yes” it refused to be stopped from sitting there doing nothing, and refused to be closed. After about eight minutes both the link and the Reporter closed.

Since this and an internal link to the synopses were the only websites open at the time, I drew a fairly obvious conclusion as to what website might have caused the problem. Perhaps this machine is so small it cannot open a whole three websites at a time, but that has never happened to it before, so I tended to assume it might perhaps be to do with the website. Silly me.

(I have four websites open as I type…)


It is a moderately complex site, and it’s probably time Feral put some more memory in that machine, assuming it was built with room for it.


Purple is supposed to be snow, if the legend is to be believed. Not impossible, I suppose.


Nah. Rain, according to TAFKA Prince


Yep - the animation + RT updates could be a challenge. Fine here–but then my “max 8GB” laptop has 16 installed… (I suspect the rather conservative official specs were intended to tempt people to look at ostensibly more powerful–and definitely more expensive–machines)


Just for that…


Well, if we’re being Purple:



Are we all moved yet?


Just this one to hit the 10,000!