So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Generally speaking, itizz, Fishers.
I hope that it may help you all to sleep through the new incumbent’s extensive vocalisations.

We have just booked three nights in a favoured B&B, for the middle of this month (after the Christmas Fair and the {{{shudder}}} bottle tombola) when we plan to do sfa, apart from eat drink and be merry around a log fire. A bit ovva folky concert is about as exciting as it will get. Bring it on, sez I.
Soo xx



I’d pay good money to see someone try that


Sounds idyllic. Meanwhile, we’re off again. Checking into a hotel in Dublin, driving on to Belfast for a concert, then back down to Dublin because the Boss has an Important Occasion to attend tomorrow lunchtime, of which more possibly anon.


Sounds intriguing, joe.
Soo xx


Time for this garrulous bee to go to bed (I have, at least, given That Fridge a run for its money).
Best dreams, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Very intriguing, Joe

Gin, Soo

I have got you a Noo Bottle

That Birdie is, no doubt, still admiring its reflection/repelling Other Dunnocks



:smile: xx


That Fridge lacks a wine-storage shelf for the champagne. This will have to be rectified PDQ, I feel.

Otherwise I am happy with it; all the food which had been in the small temporary fridge and the fridge behind the bar has been moved into the new one, and tomorrow we will take that fridge to the neighbour who is storing our frozen food for us and retrieve the frozen stuff and fit this into the freezer side of the Creature, and then all will be Done and Dusted.



I love a good yank style fridge freezer Fishy one

Her dear one

How about getting me to the fridge viewing?

I might say that I would be bearing pies and gin for the discerning Cellarati


Bee dear one not her

Bluddy clever phone thinking it knows what I want to say


In that case me phone should say something like

wheee tiddly tseep where’s me gin yardarm me bruvver wouldn’t like that etc.

Night all.


Is that both eyes ?


I spent 15 years going to Dublin at least 3 days each month. For the bulk of them I stayed in the city & must have stayed at most of the flashier places South of the river … North of it was just a tad scarier. Always on expenses & no questions were normally asked.

I also then scoffed in more or less all the restaurants in that area too.

Fine times.

I especially liked not having to spell out my surname all the time.


Me Bruvver will arrange a discount if you really like.

Frost on the solar panels.



I think that, once the champagne shelf is duly installed, we could have a proper Fridge launching ceremony and all ovvus could see it. Providing none ovvus goes empty-handed, that is.

Itizz a beautiful, cold and crisp autumn day. I am dithering between visiting the Fish Quay or going to see my beloved Vulture and her raptor mates up at Kielder. Decisions.

Soo xx


I would say the Fish Quay, Soo, with the lovely Fish Wives, but then you knew that ! :wink:

Orff for my first haircut in nearly 9 weeks

I am sure I will feel better afterwards



Gaw, if I get me fevvers trimmed three times a year I’m doing well.

The noo freezer has produced ice.


Morning all

We used to live in Dalkey Joe

Bacon butties on the table

Fresh hot loaves on the cooling rack

I am playing with stairrods and anti bionics and nebulisers

The excitement is nearly too much for me


Awww. That’s so sweet!
Carinthia - it’ll be the Vulture, today and the Fish Wives, tomorrow. This izzon account of the wevver forecasts. Be sure to give us a Twirl! on your return.

I do hope that the stairrods and anti bionics and nebulisers are doing the business, Twellsy.

See you, later.
Soo xx


Twirl Twirl

Temporary Flump

Hairdresser has a very bad back, so I didn’t get my eyes done, but did get a Nice Young Man washing my hair

Gritted teeth & went to the Orsepiss afterwards, so it is BLT sandwich fer Lunch .