So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Ah, Pub Lunch.




They went out to buy spring onions and lemonade for Minnow End.

They came back with


It was there. It was sparkly.


And it says “Easy to install with button fastenings.”

I am not sure that we have any button fastenings, but we shall see.


I have been and searched our county town for Thai spices

This proved almost impossible

Especially with a grumpy chauffeur


I now have toilet seat envy. Wherefore was this beautiful thing?

Gorgeous hair, Carinthia xx

We had a grand drive to and from Kielder and a good gander at the Birdies, who are all fit and well. The flying display of a Black Kite included him stealing a wolly hat from a little boy’s head, much to the boy’s extreme delight and general amusement of the parents and children present (ours, too). The keeper of the Birds has a good way with children, who behave very well and derive a great deal of pleasure from being so close to such glorious creatures. Speaking afterwards to the Keeper, we gathered just how much he is dreading the forthcoming winter. He never misses a day of looking after his charges (not even Christmas Day) and last winter was dire in the extreme for him. The temperature, today, was 5°C…He did appreciate our visit and our continued sponsorship.

Twellsy, last time I wanted a spice mix (Sambar) I got it on-line.

I am now cuddled up wivva hot water bottle.

Soo xx


The Red Kites put on a show for us while we sat in the pub garden…


The loo-seat came from Homebase, a shop which briefly became Australian and had a complete internal re-ordering, and is now Homebase again but has kept the Australian layout so that I can’t find anything there. The shame of it: I had to ask an assistant!


I may have to peruse our local Homebase, Fishers - thank you. Our shower room is, vaguely, Art Deco and the lav-seat is looking a tad shabby (not in the country-house-condition way that I’d favour, given the chance).

Red Kites are so selfless, it seems. Arwen, the entirely greed-driven Kite who entertained us today, is 15 years old and shows no signs of ageing.
Soo xx


It doesn’t, Dahlink: bottom fastenings is what it says. I am wondering quite hard whether this is a good thing or not.


Ew! I don’t hold with that. at all. Hang on…
Soo xx


Ah, but you don’t have to hang on. That’s the beauty of it.


I don’t want to wear it, Hedgers.
Glittery, or not.
Soo xx


I want a sparkly/squeakwinned toilet seat

I saw gorgeous cushions in Aldi that have squeakwin covers that are one colour if stroked one way and a contrast if stroked the other way
I want a bikinki in that fabric please


Is that on aesthetic grounds only or are you feeling a need to be stroked in the bikini regions?

(consult yer solicitor before responding, dere: I would)


Aesthetic reasons only


Well, that’s a relief, I suppose. It’ll be more ‘in the best possible taste’ than a lav-seat stuck to one’s derrière, I imagine. Oh, gawds - make it go away.
Gin izz good for shock, I find…

Soo xx




I needs gin
A Singapore sling perchance

I have just made a Massaman curry and need a coolant


And just how did you manage to damage yer singapore, dere Twellsy?