So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Hmm, gin ‘n’ milk? Don’t fink it would work really.



It could be all of those bikinkis, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

How goes the ice calving, Hedgers?

Soo xx


Up to about 10 lumps when I last looked. Which is enough for a few G&(t)s.


A G&(t) would be just grand.
Thank you.
Soo xx


Do we get crushed ice wiv this one, Dunnock ?



Well, if you want it to melt and dilute the gin…


Not bovvered about the Gin, Dunnock

Half of my glass filled with crushed ice & an Large Measure of Raspberry Vodka is rather wonderful, though…



I dislike ice in my drinks as my teeth object to the chill

My Singapore is fine folks as it is settled into a nice new onesie

A giraffe alike look is the supposed effect


On looking at t’interweb it seems the options for unusual loo seats is unending.

I found this one intriguing …

… & this idea just plain weird …


I have seen loo bowls that had been designed to let you inspect what you deposited before you flushed it. I s’pose it might be a more fiddly variant of that.

The first one seems akin to those Japanese loos that play music or water noises to cover up the sounds of bodily functions.

And of course there was this parody:



I think I’ll stick with the glittery one. Erm…

It’s the Fish Quay, today. Mr Bee 'phoned the Fish Wives to ask them to reserve a couple of sea trout fillets - alas they have none, today, but we now know that Carinthia’s favourite two are on duty, so I’ll take a pic of my Carinthia-designed Wedding Outfit for them to see.

Soo xx


Here I will be making apple curd and chutney


How’s the chest, Twellsy?
Soo xx


It is flu jab day today; she would have done it when I had my bluds done on Wednesday but they hadn’t yet got the stuff in – it was due later that afternoon.

Last year they apparently had a queue right round the block waiting for flu jabs when they arrived in the morning, on one of the days.


We presented ourselves at Boots for our jabs on Wednesday to be told that they wouldn’t have enough stock until 17th November. I should have argued the toss, but decided not to bother. We’ll go somewhere else (our GPs are shite).
Well, off to buy fish.
Soo xx


Do give my love to the Fish Wives, Soo

I have missed the first 2 days of 'flu jabs at my surgery,so I will either go to the next one, or have it done at the Pharmacy /Chemist across the road from the surgery.



Mine are free at the surgery so I go there.

Today for the first time I remember, I was asked whether I had any cold or sniffle. Also I was asked whether I had any bad reaction to last year’s, since this year’s is apparently the same.


Mine will be free at the surgery, or at the Pharmacy,as I now get free prescriptions , thanks to the Thyroid medication*

When I paid for the injection I was obliged to fill in quite a long form about my medical history, & wait for 10 minutes after the injection in case I keeled over

  • At first I thought that this would mean that the Thyroxine would be free, but apparently it’s everything . I used to buy a yearly ‘Season Ticket’ which saved a lot of money



Both of us have been done in between my chesticle playing silly burgers

Our GP sits with a large box of flu jabs on his desk and does the jabs to as many as he can

The Bull has now got carers’ allowance for me so he is jabbed too

Just discovered one of my prized Kilner jars has a crack so it is now a lime pieces jar for gin

I can always use gin flavouring things


Today, apart from a Grade A stinker of an edake, has mainly involved Fun with mole wrenches, 3-in-1, sweariewords and, eventually, the hacksaw. Which needed finding.
Sparkly bog seat now installed. I would go and have a glittering inaugural pee now, were it not for the fact that the cat has turned up and is firmly ensconced on the Gusly tum.