So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Thank-you Dunnock

I will make full use ovvit

The first Mrs C’s brother died this evening, tormented by dementia. A lovely man, who ‘disappeared’

I will raise a glass to him, & light a Candle

RIP Bill



I will raise a glass to Bill

And proffer hugs dear


Another rising glass and further hugs from here dere Chatelaine.
RIP Bill.


Standing is my usual reaction


Snork, Joe

Am fortifying meself with another drink

The fallout from this death could be spectacular, & not inna good way




Try the Leighlinbridge1 Scale, from an erstwhile regular at Rainbow’s Bar, who shall remain nameless2:

  1. Drunk
  2. Drunk out
  3. Drunk out to the world
  4. Drunk out to the world of God

1Pronounced, for the uninitiated, as “Locklinbridge”. I have no idea why.
2At least, until I ascertain whether he is in a position3 to sue
3i.e. still breathing


Morning all. Too early. Going into That London for a birthday museum trip.



Endless galleries of extinguished candles and shrivelled balloons…

Sorry. My Inner Eeyore seems to be on the rampage this morning. Chuck us a thistle, there’s a love…

Oh, and enjoy the trip. Might there be :beer: involved at all ?


I imagine it is not entirely beyond the realms of possibility.



For the avoidance of doubt, that would be as in “That’s All Right Then”.


Call me Scarface.
Sorry, no cocaine in stock atm, mind.
The cat, who has decided to be very glad I am back, was cavorting madly at the foot of the bed. I poked my head out over the duvet to enquire what he thought he was doing, and he just pounced. I don’t think he meant it. Hairy fool.


Candle lit. RIP, Bill.

Soo xx


RIP Bill.

I hope the fallout is less difficult than you fear.


So say we all.

I was planning an afternoon of cooking and other worthy tasks. However, I am sitting on the beely bum, frittering away my time.

I do hope that That Cat has not done real damage to the Gusly Phizog.

Soo xx



About like a conspicuous shaving cut, so nah…


When a cat hits me, I don’t hit it back, for I am a Peaceful Birdie.

I find out where it lives & send the Lads round.


Here I am causing mayhem by doing a real Roast


Pig lion with roast spud cider and apple gravy steamed savoy purple sprouting broccolli cauliflower roast pumpkin and apple sauce

I hope that’s enuff


Sounds great, to me, Twellsy.

I plan on making a veg roulade, for this evening and putanesca sauce to freeze in portions.
But I’m still sat on that bum.

Soo xx


Mr C tried puttanesca sauce once, when we were at Lago di Trasimeno. He spilled some, & it ate through his jumper…



I make mine hot, Carinthia, but not corrosive! Mr Bee lurves it.
Soo xx