So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Didn’t suit Mr C at all :wink:



Well, no wonder, if it chomped through his jumper!
Soo xx


My father’s aunt, who was terrified of horses, used to hurl Holy Water at him whenever he was leaving for a ride

One day, the few drops which managed to land on him ate through his woolly jumper

The Poteen (other spellings no doubt available) had been put in a bottle marked Holy Water…



I hope that unexpected sobriety didn’t result from the mix-up.
Soo xx


We all headed off to Dublin yesterday. When we got home, we somehow seem to have mislaid the PhD we’d travelled up with and in her place was a professor. Seems rather careless, but then memories of the latter part of yesterday are a tad hazy…


Just as well you cleared that up, what with all these puttane hanging about.


A case of spontaneous tenure?


Walnut & sultana cake to celebrate?


I am in truth a little fed up with plumbing and peripherals. Kitchen sink, down which I do NOT pour fat, has virtually blocked.
No problem, said the intrepid Gus, reaching for the trusty sink plunger. Said implement, deployed with vim and vigour, instantly developed a large crack in t he rubber, which looked to me remarkably like an evil grin, thus rendering itself entirely useless.
I am working on a Plan B.
Plan C is to drink until I just don’t care.


Congratulations to the Lady, Joe

I think that we need Champagne, at the very least :champagne:



Yay! In order to properly congratulate the Professor.
Also, to aid and abet Gus with her Plan C.
Soo xx


Of course, Soo

Horrible mizzly day here, & has barely got light

I had to go out, so did the lot in 1 foul swoop, azzitwere - went to the Orsepiss & wrote in the book for tomorrow, went to Farmfoods, which is close to the Orsepiss & then took my vehicule to show The Lad the damage in what passes for daylight. He will talk to F’Dave about it tomorrow.

I saw beautiful roses at Tesco yesterday, but didn’t get them as it looked as though a cemetery visit would be too complicated . Thought that I would get them today, & have them at home & they were sold out :unamused:

Drove to the Co-op where they had some nice flowers, but the ones I picked were, supposedly £8 with a display by date of November 2nd. I climbed on my High Horse & said that this wasn’t on

Nearly fell orff it, but got the flowers for £2…



Gentle hugs, Carinthia.
Soo xx


Thank-you Soo

I was glad to get home, TBH, having lost patience with the day., & myself

There are fireworks going orff at a rate of knots - there are 2 official displays this evening



Oh, Plan C is in full swing, Dahlink. You know what happened to my plunger? Well, I borrowed a (tny, trumpery, tuppeny-ha’penny) job from a neighbour snd guess what happened? Aye, that one crscked an’ all.
Am p!aying wiv boiling water and washing soda. Actually, washing soda now exhausted. Boiling water and bicarb it is.
Is bile any use, do you think? I seem to have a surplus…


At least it won’t cost much to replace :wink:
How about a wire coat hanger?
Soo xx


Having doled out my handy hint for the day, I’ll go to bed. I am sitting on my hands, anyway (nothing to do with this Board).
Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Wheeeeeeee tiddly tseep.

On me way back to the Nest.


Gin, Soo :cocktail:

Sounds as though you need some

Sounds as though That Birdie has had some…



There wuz gin, but there wuz also Yummy Beer.