So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Ooo tell about the beer

I like beer


Dark Star Pale Ale, mostly. It was the best beer the place had.

Ome safe ‘n’ orf to tsweep.


Tsweep well, Dunnock

Am sitting with a Candle burning for Mr C, & sewing Poppies



I have my Poppy Candle burning in the Hive, Carinthia.

Morning, all. Looks like shopping, today.

Soo xx


Light haze across the valley, Great Big Birds going about their business.



I left a pair of pink Marigold-type gloves in a wire-mesh vegetable-rack and they have melted onto and round it, apart from outlying bits of them which have become rigid and shattered into flakes which have gone all over the place. Any suggestions how to get the remains off the wires?




Sadly the only suggestion I have is wire brush and elbow grease

Gentle hugs forra chatelaine

Here I have made a suichan sauce and a sweet and sour sauce for pork balls for dinner

Using up leftover pork and knitting while also thinking of 100 years ago

I suspect that by Sunday I will be a sodden mass of tears for all conflict losses and survivals


If WD40 won’t get 'em loose, I’d say Twellsy has the right of it. Wire brush will scratch the rack, but maybe stiff bristle?


White spirit? Petroleum?
Wire brush, prolly.
Soo xx


It’s the top shelf of three, so I don’t really want to use WD40 because it will drip onto the others for days afterwards. It always does.

At the moment I am chickening out and have simply put a bit of kitchen roll over the sticky bit, hoping it may eventually go hard and flake off!


Has it actually melted, or perished, Fishy ?

I would stick summat fairly weighty & frozen on it for half an hour & see if the pink bits lift orff



Sounds like a plan, Carinthia. That FF should be able to supply gurt amounts of ice.
Soo xx


I was thinking more of defrosting a joint, or pack of meat, Soo !

A propos ice, I didn’t know, until the grandchildren were teenagers that one could buy bags of ice

There never were such times…

Did the Fish Wives like the Photies ?



The Fish Wives lurved the photies, Carinthia, and sent their congratulations and kind wishes to you. They were having a fraught time ovvit, as nearby w#rkmen had switched off the power supply to their freezers and fridges - the air wozzabit blue and not because of the customary cold.
Soo xx


Oh, of course. Not something I do, really.
Soo xx


Ha, never thought of that …



I will definitely try that, Carinthia. Not defrosting anything, but I have some Ice Packs which came round frozen meat a little while ago and were put back into the bottom of the new freezer, and they would probably be ideal for this.

I think just perished rather than melted; it’s just that they are sticking rather firmly!

The new machine makes a lot less ice and a lot more slowly, into a much smaller container, which is a shame.


As long as there is enuff to fill half of my glass of the crushed stuff… :wink:



It does small pebbles, rather than fragments like the old one, which is rather good.

Though I think we may store backup ice in the ice-cream maker while we’re not using it.