So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


You must come first today, Carinthia (even without pointy elbows) but I wouldn’t mind a glass half full of ice with summick more interesting innit, too.

I am going to nurse my left index finger, newly sliced* while preparing cauli. Darn these dim evenings to heck!

Soo xx
*not badly


That wasn’t a ‘Like’ for the sliced finger, Soo

Medicinal Gin coming up



It’s That Poodle’s birthday.
‘To That Poodle’:
Slainte Mhath!
Soo xx


Happy Birthday Poodle.



Better take it steady though, or she’ll need a hair of the human…


That Poodle is fond ovva drop of wine and she hasn’t learned that from me.
Gus has a picture of the Birthday Girl (I really should come to terms with technology) and may post it here, if That Cat (xx) hasn’t savaged her too much.
Soo xx


Wishing all Cellarites Good Nights, I’ll be buzzin’ off.
Soo xx


And here she is, in all her Poodly Magnificence


Oh, what a gorgeous beastie!

How is he or she around cats, Soo? Has it been tried? If so, a welcome matt awaits in Ottawa. (Actually, we have quite often hosted friends’ cat-friendly dogs without mishap. Though some of our cats have not quite understood the ‘cat-friendly’ part and disappeared in a huff to the basement.)


That is a really nice-looking dog.

I shall take the image off to bed with me.


She looks splendid,Soo

Drinks all round, methinks



Definitely, Dahlink.


Cor. Wot a Hound!


Quiet this mornin’, innit?

Well, save for the loud cries of ‘Bugrit!’ emanating from the GusHaus.
Seized by a sudden craving for lentil and apricot soup, I hurtled kitchenward. Guess what? Thass right - no apricots.
And no, I’m not paying Tesco Express prices for them. n


Lots of sleeping going on here in the Nest.

Combined with a general lack of enthusiasm for, well, anything really. Ah well.



I am sorry to hear that. Is Our Sparrer ailing, or simply jaded? < proffers Schwartzwalder Schinken>


Probably mildly ailing which manifests itself as jaded.



That’s the ticket, dere Sparrer - it’ll put fevvers on yer breast.
And keep up the fluid intske. :beer:is good, I believe…


Damn. I meant to press the remains of the dried apricots into the Gusly hand, and forgot.


I have apricots Gus dear

I like the sound of this sloop and would share apricots in exchange for the receipt…