So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Here are a couple of links, Twellsy. Really couldnt be easier. Especially if you follow my idle example and use three generous tablespoonsful of tinned chopped tomato rather than three fresh ones…


Dinna fash yersel’ dere Fishy. I was deceived by a packet of dried figs, which, it being arse-about -face in the cupboard, I took to be emergency back-up apricots…


Thanks Gus




I have three packets of Lidl apricots (part of my ‘emergency supplies’) for possible supply problems ;)) I would gladly give them to Gus, but the soup muse may have abandoned her by their arrival.

Thanks for the kindly comments on That Poodle and for Gus for publication. We, once again, have a Dog-shaped hole in the hive. Meep

Soo xx


It’s going to be one of those shopping expeditions next time: apricots, sultanas, walnuts, sugar, TNT, crystallised ginger…


Does the sink remain blocked, Gus?
Soo xx


What use is ginger for a blocked sink?


No, dere Bee, the sink is clear as a bell, thanks. But one never knows when something might benefit from a bit of being blown up and it is as well to be Prepared.

And in other news, I have had to abandon me knitting pro tem: That Cat was getting rather too involved…


I was referring to the TNT, Twellsy.
Soo xx


One always has TNT in the cleaning cupboard to assist in removal of stubborn stains doesn’t one Soo?

The bull is orf to exercise his travel card that came with his carers’ allowance by taking a train to visit his sister


Being the slut that I am, I regret to admit non-possession of TNT. Next time I’m in Lidl, perhaps.
Soo xx


Middle Aisle of Delights, Soo ?

Grey day here, & I am writing letters of condolence, which is grim, but must be done



I don’t envy you, Carinthia. Grim, indeed.

The boiler service man has arrived, so I’ll make him a cuppa.

Soo xx


Tequila & tonic?


The great thing about cleaning with TNT is you need no other cleaning products. It solves everything from stubborn stains to inconvenient relatives.

So I hear.

Meanwhile, one of the builders who frequents the pub was talking about Christmas in Lanzəro’i. I’m sure he’s playing up to the stereotype…


[Tippett] ‘pits soprano against flugelhorn’… The soprano is ahead on points, I reckon, but it’s early days.

Next up: bass baritone vs timpani in a vat of creamed corn?



That has made my day, dere Fishy.


I’m so glad, Gus dere. Mind you, a blocked sink makes for a low bar…


It certainly does.

Soo xx