So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Something I seldom do.
Nothing against dwarves, I’m not speciesist or anything. It’s just the axes.
And the quaffing songs.
And the bar snacks. Either Bombay Grit, salted pebbles or rat onna stick

wiv no ketchup.


Down with dwarves.

Poor Mr Bee is proper poorly wivva cold. I must endeavour to collect bottles from the kirk, in the morn, not for our future libations, but for the bottle tombola (which we host on Saturday). The Vicar may be the only one with transport, so I’ll be looking to him. We had intended to attend a funeral, in the afternoon, but that’s unlikely, now. Friends have invited us for dinner and I may need to cancel that, as Himself is failing.
I do hope that Hedgers isn’t similarly afflicted with the ague.

Good nights, all, from yer bee.

Soo xx


As it happens we have an Axe behind the bar. It belongs to That Fish.


Strangely comforting.

Soo xx


Have this, for bedtime.
Soo (otb)


De Googlified:


Poor Mr Soo

Gin fer you, & his Medicinal Summat of choice



Am completely wrung out , having written 3 letters of Condolence

Famous Grouse is being taken



Hugs and thoughts with you dear Chatelaine


Morning all

Bacon butties ready

I am awaiting a father and son pair of plumbers and electricians to fettle the range and the stove for winter

Lovely pair who are both dual trades so they are the registered fettlers for our ironmongery

They are lovely and clean chimneys and take away soot and everyfink


And very love!y she is, but a lot less use than a marlin spike when things turn rowdy in a confined space.


True, that’s wot the little stabby knives are for. Me muvver brought me up right. Never get caught wiv a little stabby knife, she said, they’ll think yer a furriner.


…or worse, an Archer


Being hit in the gut by an axe travelling end-on horizontally and at speed is fairly discouraging in a bar-room brawl. Far more so than a mere chair.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t swing axes over your head much in combat; unlike logs, people are too likely to belt or stab you in your undefended torso while the axe and your arms are out of the way. You use them as you would a quarterstaff with a sharp edge at one end.


I fink Gus is considering the rugby-scrum model of a pub fight. The Wise Fish does indeed stay well back from such exercises. The Wise Bird was in an entirely different pub and can produce friends to prove it.


The Wise Fish in a pub fight retires with a bottle to behind a pillar, and bashes people over the head with it selectively as they come past.


In the interests of world peace and concord.
Soo xx


Gawds, yes, Soo

F’Dave has been to inspect the vehicule & will repair it next week



Are you sure yer muvver didn’t say ‘furrier’?


Correct. The best kind, imo