So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Ooh, Gus - having laughed like a drain at the General dancing about, I now await delivery of the Complete McAuslan.
Soo xx


Oh, excellent! Really pleased you like them, wee Bee.


I most certainly do, Gus and thanks! My father was in the Cameron Highlanders, towards the end of WW2, and I like to imagine him coping with McCauslan :grinning: This only adds to my delirious enjoyment. Bad bee.
Soo xx


The heavens have opened,& I am orff to see the Nurse Practitioner…



Just for you, Soo:

(Incidentally, that apostrophe has nowt to do with me - and as for “genre”, WTF???)


That’s grand, joe - thank you. I’ve had a wee jig aboot the kitchen and feel all the better forrit.
Soo xx


[pictures a 6-legged jig]

And we haven’t had a




We have, you know. Soo called one four hours ago, in the interests of world peace and concord.


No wonder I missed it. Ah well, I’ll just stuff mine back in the box.



Nope, nothing for it, we’ll just have to drink in stereo.



Wottan Good Idea, Dunnock

Got soaked walking from the car to the surgery as it all got abit Epic & Biblical



My heart is the right size
My chest x-ray is clear
My blood pressure achieved the dizzying heights of 120 over 80
Had my 'flu jab too

Missed a call from Rheumatology whilst at the surgery & they have just 'phoned to say that I start the next ‘depth-charge’ medication next week




Ooo goody a yardarm

Sparrer dear have you never heard of a waggle dance?

Of course bees dance


I can do a jiggle one, too.
Soo xx


My MiL…
'phoned me. this morning, to tell me that she’d had a powercut, yesterday evening. Being the good (95 year-old) neighbour that she is, she ventured out, in the pitch black, to make sure that the Lady-Next-Door had a candle or two. She walked into, and fell onto, a shrub and has a flap injury to one of her skinny shins. The Nurse has tended to this and dressed it, but how, on earth, do I persuade her that there are limits to Good Samaritanship?
I am, belatedly, on to emergency light sources that aren’t candles (MiL will do things her own way) but I am giving her no choice, in this.
Soo xx


Oh Soo

That’s horrid

I have those magnetic LED lights around, for such times,despite being a champion- class Candle lighter

How is Mr Soo today?



LEDs are great for this, because even if you use it occasionally the batteries last almost forever.


This evening on Masterchef - The Professionals, there was a quail stuffed wiv its own legs.
Put me in mind of Hedgers’s bruvver, that did.


Oh bluddy hell, Soo. Just what is needed, that.
I do hope poor MiL heals better than one might expect, iyswim.


Mr Soo spent the late morning/afternoon in bed and managed to keep our dinner date (our host has just recovered from a very similar-sounding bug). Just back, now, and he has clambered wearily up the stairs. A proppa hero.

LED lights are deffo the way to go. I had them all over Mam’s house and she had two torches, too. I try not to interfere with MiL’s ways of doing things, but she has agreed that stumbling about in the dark is notta Good Idea and has given me carte blanche. Bless her. Mañana, but for certain, iyswim.

Soo xx


I keep a small but powerful LED torch in my handbag, Soo



A very good idea, Carinthia. By the time I have finished, MiL will be a mobile Blackpool illuminations. She is being surprisingly biddable (because she feels foolish and I shan’t disabuse her of this notion until I have things sorted).

Slammers, anyone?

Soo xx