So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Yes Please, Dahlink



Chin-chin, Deario.

I should go to bed, soon, but there’s no rush to jump out of me pit in the morn.

No, I’m off, now, as I’m knackered.
Best dreams, all.

Soo xx


Ome safe ‘n’ orf to me nest. :zzz:


Tsweep Well, Dunnock



All the better if you can find ones that are touch or motion sensitive. Buttons and switches can be difficult for some - especially if panicking in the dark


Valid point, Joe

I had a touch sensitive bedside lamp after a recurrence of night terrors meant that I could barely put my hand out of bed



Another option to consider: we have a LED torch on the landing that lives plugged into a spare mains socket, and comes on automatically if the power goes off (or if you take it out of its bracket).




Here there are torches of various sizes and shapes with numerous batteries around the house
There are no streetlamps for miles and so it is really dark round here

And candles

And oil lamps

I am hopeless in the dark so I ensure we have illumination heat and cooking facilities for power cuts

I am not a pessimist

I KNOW I will need such things


Am waiting for a 'phone call so haven’t achieved very much today

Sighs & Sips



I have weeded through the bottles for the tombola for ‘expired’ items. There were quite a few, so they have been emptied, washed and will add to the general (disgraceful) cacophony of racket from our recycling bin, on Tuesday. Mr Soo and I went shopping and he is now in bed, a shadow of himself.

Did the 'phone call occur, Carinthia?

Soo xx


Popped to the local, surprisingly pleasant, St. Giles’ church in Wrexham where some of the knitted poppies are on display.

Nice, I think.

… & will be down in that London this weekend & will see the display at the Tower and also the main Cenotaph.


Poor Mr Soo

The call I was waiting for was from our Nurse Practitioner & didn’t materialise. I wanted to tell her that I will be starting the Noo stuff a month earlier than we thought, & also that calcification has been discovered on /in my left shoulder so that’s the next thing to be discussed.


My Nooly Widowed SiL telephoned to thank me for the ‘lovely’ card & letter, so I did get summat right

Granddaughter is 26 today & is travelling with her parents to stay with Grandson in TTL
Stepdaughter’s Birthday is next week, & Grandsons the week after so they are having a bitovvan family gathering & will also see the Poppies there.

These Poppy Falls are incredibly effective, Armers . I was pleased to see that the RSPCA Charity Shop in Chesterfield has one window with red, but the other with purple poppies, & purple clothes, recognising the animals killed in war.



Time forra bee-bed.
Good nights, all.
Soo xx


May yer buzz never falter.



Sleep well, Soo

BiL has been on the 'phone for 40 minutes…



I have been ought and got petrol, and am now going to bed. G’night all.


Morning you two*

* more are available gawdelpus



Bacon butties ready

I am going to be stabbed in the cranium


You should’ve said. Me Bruvver has friends who can sort that for you, no problem, in the comfort of yer own 'ome.


Err dear sparrer this is to have a fancy occipital nerve block put in to stop edakes

So please tell your bruvver to leave the nice doctor alone