So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Werl, I ‘ope for the best. I’ve certainly found a good stabbin’ in the head solves many problems.


So do I wee birdie

It’s messy unless done expertly


I wish you well, with the stabbing, Twellsy, and hope that it lessens those horrible headaches. Although (and I am not in the slightest envious) I don’t have your awful health problems, I do have diagnosed occipital neuralgia and am considering a referral from my indifferent GP.

The bottles are labelled and the tickets are folded. Somehow, number 200 was missing from the bottle side of things (iyswim) so the redoubtable Mr Soo has unfolded and refolded all of the tickets, only to find no number 200. Gah! This prolly makes no sense, on reflection, but it izz an irritating mystery.

Soo xx


Perhaps it is an unlucky number in Hainan province?


It makes perfect sense, Soo: if someone got ticket number 200 and there were no bottle to match it that would be unfair, so ticket 200 had to be removed if it was there. Good for Mr Soo undertaking all that boredom so that it would be done right.


We always keep aside two unlabelled bottles, just in case of Hainan (!) stylee mysteries. (I had suggested that I should undertake the boring task, Fishers, but Mr Soo insisted that he must do this.) All appears to be well, apart from Mr Soo’s annual assertion that he will never do this again. I have gathered together a sensible float of coinage and notes, to reduce the stress of the first few customers brandishing twenty pound notes for one 50p ticket. Also, we have a motley collection of carrier bags, to assist those who haven’t come prepared. And, breathe.

Soo xx


Well done Mr Soo

It is dark here, & hissing it down



Head stabbed and I was took to a wool shop where I got enough pure Peruvian alpaca to knit a long cardi

'Snice and soft and warm and just gorgeous


Because you’re wurffit, Twellsy. Hope the headaches ease.
Soo xx



With the Occipital nerve block for neuralgia of said nerve I am virtually free from edakes for 3 months at a time

It works for me

That is all I can say

I am sooo lucky to have found a sweet neurologist who looks after me so well


Hissing it down here, again

Someone tried to deliver a Chinese meal, earlier , but I was honest, & said I hadn’t ordered anything…



Well that was exemplary behaviour, I must say. Possibly a tad bonkers, mind you, Carinthia.
I s’pose the delivery person woud’ve been in doo-doo, though.
Prolly for the best, then.

Soo xx


Round here they want payment at the door.


The Shucking of the Garlic has taken place, and it’s now in the brine.


They did, Fishy, but when they checked the address it was for no 11, & my house is no 5

I know the people at number 11…

I say, Dunnock

Pickled Garlic




Pickled smoked garlic.

Orf to me nest.


Brilliant recipe on the food programme just now

The perfect martini is made by filling a tumbler with good gin and waving the tumbler in the vague direction of Italy

My sorta receipt that…


Waving it carefully, so that there’s no risk of adding too much.

That Fish is orf on a Jolly. I have set the Slaughterbot loose on the boardgaming tablecloth.



Having set up the bottle tombola stall, we are enjoying a cuppa, prior to this afternoon’s melee.
I’d like to order a Perfect Martini and some Pickled Smoked Garlic {{{swoon}}} for my return, please.
(Wish I had a Slaughterbot.)
Soo xx


The old pickled smoked garlic is still available, though it’s a bit Enthusiastic (it’s been in for about ten years).

The new pickled smoked garlic smells lovely but will not be available for a while yet. (I reckon at least three months until first testing.)

Good luck wiv yer (shudder) public-facing job, soo! Have a Stiffenin’ Summat to go wiv the rest.