So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Give her a furfle from Auntie Bee. She’s beautiful!
Soo xx


And a furfle from Auntie Wells

She is gorgeous

Baking finished for now - I am baked out of cakey sort of things for a few weeks


Much furfling distracts the hound from Her People going away forever and ever and ever and ooh, is that a cardboard box?


Tell me you haven’t been doing an Ultimate Dog Tease on her, Hedgers. Apologies if absolutely everybody has seen this:

Soo xx


Blood test shows that I am indeed having a flare-up, so we will sort it out when I go on Monday

Liberates Pitcher



I’m very sorry about this news, Carinthia. More fuzzy hugs.
Soo xxxxxx


Pore Chatelaine.


Oh poor Carinthia

Have a hug or ten from me too

Gentle ones of course


Hellfire and drat! I hope it is mild and short.


Bah and Harumph!

Sparrerly backpack full of Emergency Supplies en route.


I know that backpack and covet it!

Carinthia dear one I will trebuchet steak n ale pies porkie pies and chicken and ham pies to you

I might be able to do fishy pies too…


It was bound to happen, we just didn’t know when

All will be sorted



I have little knowledge of RA and don’t know why flare-ups occur, Carinthia, or how they may be managed. But, I hope that you know that I’ll be following your progress closely and wish you much better than that which you are currently having to tolerate xx.

How is the Houndly One? I hope that it hasn’t progressed to slipper destruction :open_mouth:

Soo xx


The only slippers in the house tend to be on my feet.

The Hound is in Mourning. Her People have Gorn Away. She has flumped half out of her basket.


Hounds flump, a lot. Even That Poodle does this, when Her Preferred People have Gorn Away. We stoically acknowledge this Sadness and she always comes round. HTH.
Soo xx


I have Palindromic Rheumatism Soo, which izzan Rarity… (typical Bluddy Carinthia)

All this depth-charge medication is to try to reduce the frequency of the flare-ups (flares-up?).

My last one was November, so this is an improvement - it’s a Bluddy Nuisance, but can be improved

Liberates Medicinal

Poor Hound :dog2:



A proper conundrum, Carinthia. I hope that it’s sneekiness can be controlled so that you have more control of your quality of life. We must share a:
or two.
Soo xx


Happy Sigh



We’ll beat this, all of it, Carinthia. But, if we don’t, we’ll be insensible to the nonsense ovvit all.
Such a comfort, I know :wink:
Sweet dreams to you and all Cellarites,
Soo xx


Gin, Dear

You deffo need Gin

I have put the Recycling Bins out in a non-matching Negligible…

I said I was ill…