So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Poor mourning hound. She will, however, have Love and Distractions, or I don’t know the Fishly-Dunnocks.


And Pigs Ears…



And walks at half-past seven in the morning…




Pore suffrin’ Fish; avva



Doesn’t mix with porridge… (grin)


Oh, I dunno.
Henchard, M.


Morning all

I wish our chatelaine’s screwmatics would bugga orf for good

Here I will be packing cakes and then taking em to sell as best I can

I hope there is enuff of a choice for all


I too answered a call of nature at half past seven, but didn’t have to walk far !

Short walks, until you get used to each other, & DDD gets used to where she is

You would be blown over here today - all 3 Wheelie Bins had danced onto the verge at the front & were having a little lie down before the next dance. The other hinge of the blue bin has been broken during this activity, so it too has dowelling holding it in place



It’s being intermittently blowy here. Birds always look very surprised when they find themselves going backwards.

According to Dog, I am the reason for everything that’s wrong in the world.


Surely not, Dunnock

All will settle down - she’s had quite a journey



You are a Sadly Misunderstood Sparrer.


As I was returning from the walk, a recycling bin some doors down the road in the direction from which the wind is coming fell over, and the road was suddenly full of dancing lager cans and plastic bottles, which were diving off into gardens. In pursuit of them was the owner of the bin, swearing. I went and caught the ones which had got just past our house at that point, and put them into our bin, while he captured the rest.


I know, Gus; dogs and the filth just seem to get the wrong idea about me.


Perhaps Training Walks to the pub’ ?

Socialising with the pub’ dogs could be fun… :dog2::dog2::dog2::rofl:



This has rendered me pretty much helpless with laughter and frightened the cat away.
When brains decide to humiliate their owners… Few are that hilarious alone, but the effect is sort of cumulative. And strangely reassuring.




Holds out glass and hopes beer might happen

I have sold many cakes and now have an edake


Well done! Not the edake, obviously. You deserve a beer, dere


I concur. Excellent w#rk by Tellsy!

Thank you for Moose Allain, Gus. So much truth and humour.

I haven’t achieved much, today. However, the vegetable sambar I have just made is quite good. It’s certainly got attitude :open_mouth:.

Soo xx


Oooh, that sounds good, Bee.

The one which wholly destroyed me was the person who proclaimed they were ‘moving the casualty into the missionary position’.