So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


I had to smile at some of the folk from my crafty group who came to buy cakes

Any cake as long as I made it

so picture folks in wheelchairs holding a cake and trying to pull it from someone else in a wheelchair

It made me smile and also made me feel a bit special cos my stuff does not look pretty but the flavour is always oomphed up as I insist on butter not marge for baking with*

And I will never skimp on fillings or toppings

The whole orange cake which was gluten free was snapped up by the slice and people were very kind about it

*I leave butter out when making fatless sponges obviously!


Very affirming, Twellsy. You have done well to support ABII and to show your gratitude in such practical ways. xx
Soo xx


I will never forget overhearing someone looking for “castrated sugar”.


Maybe you should bring her to Westminster? I believe they have a rather large pig’s ear that needs dealing with.


So where did you think aniseed balls came from?


Good point!

I just assumed it came in empty bags.


Ah, don’t mock the afflicted. Omnishambles doesn’t even come close.


Yer bee izzin despair.

After other news, yer bee izzin despair.

So, should we have slammers (I don’t know what these are, but I’m willing to try) and toast the Health of the Hound?

Soo xx


I am sorry to hear that, wee Bee.

A Slammer might well help. Or you could ask an obliging Dunnock to rustle you up a Soixante-quinze



That sounds interesting, Gus.

Anna tequila slammer sounds just the job, joe.

Thanks, both.

Soo xx


I can’t bear the thought, smell or taste of Tequila

We usually have Estonian Slammers, Soo, Estonian Vodka topped up wiv Champagne

It’s been a despairing sort of day one way or another

Have Severial Hugs



Gin, champagne, lemon juice and sugar, apparently. That does indeed sound interesting.


Oh, it is. Renders one as interested as a newt in no time, but is very delicious.


So it does. Sláinte!

Soo xx


Another gin lover here thinking that is very interesting…



I have been to get summat out of the freezer & rearranged me drawers, azzitwere

I forgot to wear gloves

Medicinal Summat required , please



You daft bat.
Huge Medicinal anna Beady Glare.


Adding to the chorus, Carinthia:

Soo xx


Are you trying to be me dear one?

Tsk tsk

I am the totally daft one you know!