So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


The ol’ French 75 is the only cocktail I know named after an artillery piece. Naturally I was interested.


“Well, obviously”.

As my dear friend S, with no scientific grounding at all, kept on saying, increasingly desperately, in conversation with a rather tasty geneticist who was expounding on the finer points of his current research while trying manfully not to let his eyes wander below her chin.

That one was never going to get off the ground.

Sorry. Blethering.


It’s allowed…

Either I have wiped out the DDD, or she is in Deep Mourning.


A Good Walk, one suspects, Fishers.
Soo xx


Right, Carinthia, hope things calm down, Twellsie, get those nedayckes sorted, SooBee, chin up. Keep those various dogs & cats & chickens happy.

I’m off to Barbados for 12 days. Like you do. Where its currently "31°c, ‘feels like’ 34°c. That’s 84°f & 93°f in real money. How does ‘feels like’ go UP ??

It took me back to 1975, Typically Tropical and Captain Tobias Wilcox piltoting a Coconut Airways plane.

I’m not sure it would be allowed these days, two white Welsh guys imitating a Caribbean accent. To be fair, I didn’t think it should have been allowed back then !!

I may need drink.


Have a great time ovvit, Armers. I’m not sure wot izz allowed these days but, in fact:

Safe journeys.
Soo xx


I am envious Armers
Say hello to the island for me

I will get back some day


I hope that you do, Twellsy. I’ve never been, but I’m a sad bee wot just stays close to home - generally.

Good nights, Cellarites.

Soo xx



Orf to me nest.


Armers, dear,do try not to fall orff yer barstool…



For me it was the person who said, cryptically, ‘Better luck next time’ to the bereaved one at a funeral.


“I can’t help it - I always laugh at weddings.”



Morning folk

Cold and wet here and I am off shopping as I was cake selling yesterday


Dogwalk before 8:30 makes for fish who is glad to have a hot bath!


Sod Off, Gareth!

That is all.


I thought that Hannah had taken over from Gareth. The result is the same, although I do believe that we are having it easy in the North East (despite overnight sner).

Soo xx


Oh, right. Ta, Bee. Hannah can sod off an’ all.

Along with my small grey food bin. Now that was Gareth. Gitwind.


Naff weather, alright. Mr Bee is off to a garden centre, as his pacing got too much (for me) and I am going to immerse myself inna McCauslan fest.

Soo xx


So - we’ve just suffered Hannah; Lily, Oliver and Peggy possibly to come. Has the Met Office moved to The Mailbox?

Oh - and the first on the 2018/19 list was Ali.


Ross is a near miss.