So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


A blast from the past too; I think there was a Ross attached to the Echo. Possibly the reporter Susan mouthed off to about Alan and Shula?


I am watching a giraffe being born LIVE

It’s magical to watch as the tiny hooves appear and an inch more appear with each push


Crosses legs…

Driving wind & rain here



Obstetrics isn 't really my spectator sport, but dying to know how long the cord is. I mean, does it dangle in mid-air for a bit or just splat down and take its chances?


Howling wind here and the rain is settled in for the duration

So think of all the eejits who will be prancing in St Paddy’s day parades tomorrow

I will not be so doing


Gus dear

As the hooves appear the mama giraffe is licking the sac from the baby

From the looks of things the baby will take its 6 foot drop soon

As giraffes are endangered it is magical to see

Head out now…


My brain comes up with very vivid pictures sometimes, Twellers. It seems only fair to share them.


As does my brain Gus is her site


The parade is outside. The beer is inside. Why bother with marching?


I think there were two, Joe; the reporter Helen stalked in 2006, Ross Kirby, was not the same man as the other Ross-who-was-a-reporter-at-the-Echo, Ross Adams, to whom Shula said nothing much, Susan blew her yap in a big way, and Shula got the blame from Usha in 2008.


April’s baby is born

Happy sigh


This could take a while…


I have a theory about that…


Do tell your theory Gus


Self-evident, Dahlink, or so I would have thought.


Errr not to me!

Baby now on its hooves and at the milk bar


Chicken & Leek soup here

It’s Bluddy Cold




I will worry about parachuting giraffes now Joe

Poor big gentle souls

The Bull reckons I could not look after one properly or I would be trying to adopt one

Yup I am dotty about all creatures great and small

Including leopards for my sins…


That Poodle got very wet in Embra, this morning. She just gets on wivvit.

Got to love her.

Soo xx