So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


She is very beautiful


Isn’t she just! Clearly having a good time, too.


How is DDD Fishy one?


In deep mourning because her people have abandoned her to die alone in the wilderness… Except when she is on a walk, during which she is fine. She is at the moment refusing to eat because the food (which is the same in every respect as the food she has been getting at home, and from the same bowl) is clearly Poison, but that won’t last. She will get hungry eventually.


they do tend to decide to eat eventually


Puir wee scone. She will quit the Greyfriars Bobby schtick quite soon, I suspect (and hope). Meanwhile it’s miserable for you, a bit, watching her being Sad Abandoned Dog at you when she is more welcome than flowers in May.
Get a grip, DDD. There is a cave wherein reposes an magnificent hoard of cardboard boxes. Just sayin’.


There’s a thought!

However, she has just literally this minute decided that food is a necessary evil, which is a relief. Crunch, crunch, crunch. And I have remembered to take out of the freezer the mutton-bone which has been waiting for her, so that will probably help her aching soul to heal.

Yon Poodle seems to be a lot more sensible!


Yon Poodle has grown accustomed, from an early age, to People Less Worthy Than Her Chosen Ones, Fishers. Her Preferred Ones both w#rk full-time (one of them from home) and both of the buggas do shifts and training sessions for a charity. Poodle just gets on wivvit only partly because of her sunny (but not daft) personality. And also because her Dog-Minder is Great. After her Beloveds leave the hive and she is stuck with us, she exudes Sadness, but not for long. I miss her dreadfully (honestly) but she won’t be missing me.

Soo xx


Anyhoo, I wish That Hound time to get used to stuff and that you enjoy her sojourn, Fishers. I think that Poodles are easier, in a way, as they are natural ‘cuddlers’ and will press themselves against you, at any given opportunity.

Tomorrow, we’ll be off to East Lothian to have lunch with DD, Sis and their respective spouses. This is a part of the mahoosive birthday celebrations for March, with SiL being 40 on the 28th, DS being 30 on the 29th and BiL being 60 on the 30th. We have presents to offer and look forward to a good celebration. Without That Poodle (sadly) as she’ll be with the Dog Minder, and won’t give a hoot about any one ovvus, I suspect.

ETA Good nights, Cellarites.

Soo xx


Gin Soo

That sounds lovely

Apparently, my mahoosive Birthday Celebrations will be held in Caerleon next weekend

Oh, & Christmas too



I hope that you enjoy this pan-festive occasion!


Your family doesn’t go in forra budget-friendly birthday pattern, does it? But could make for a splendid occasion, or series ovvem. Well good luck to all of it, and many etcs tooem, but:
an Bee should be buzzed in by drones and acolytes and with due ceremony. I do hope protocol izz beeing obzerved.


We usually meet BristoI for1 night needing 2 rooms.It was their idea to rent a cottage.

There should be 9 ovvus, so cheaper than 5 rooms in an Hotel for 2 nights.
It was planned for earlier in the year, but waiting to hear about Victor’s funeral scuppered that.



It was an accident on his part but I really don’t recommend getting a cat claw hooked into your nose. Nostril. Inside. But it is funny how tears stream from the eye on just the one side.
You know what? I am going to bed.
Sleep tight, Cellarites


WtF,Gus ?

I hope that you are ok

No-one, & I mean no-one , touches the inside of my nose, or my ears…

Snell Snyff




How is the Gusly sneck this morning? :anguished:

I’ll await this with Queenly anticipation, Gus. Meanwhile, I’ll have a shower. Oh, the fresh breeze forecast for today has morphed into 40 mph winds.

Soo xx


Ach light breezes Soo

I know I am spoilt for nice fresh breezes here - them as have had no manners put on them by land!


(flies upwind at 40.0001mph)

g’wan then, you can do better than that yer big wimp.



is absolutely fine, thanks.
And I even gave the Hairy Fool breakfast just as usual.

Strangely quiet: no wind at the moment. I like it, Carruthers.


It is definitely windy here. And I have the perfect hat for dogwalking in it: Finnish, felt, close to the head and over the ears so the wind can’t catch it.

Can I find it? Can I hellaslike. My ears are still cold, and may be for an hour yet for all I know.

On return I gave DDD the mutton-bone which had been waiting in the freezer after a Big Roast and thawing overnight, and have persuaded her after a certain amount of discussion of the matter that the place to eat it is on the kitchen floor on a mat which can be picked up and put in the washeen, rather than on the best carpet in the main room. Her being there to eat it has the good effect of keeping a muddy dog off the carpet, too. She is drying nicely and cleaning as I type.

NO trouble from back or hip today, so far, hurrah!