So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Here a friend came at 9 am to remove unwanted/unauthourised trees* so the nice man can pour lots of concrete and give us a nice clean non muddy flat drive in a short while

*Ash trees are fecund things equalled by sycamore trees in the gay abandon with which they scatter their seeds

And living in a temperate rain forest area means the wee buggers grow like fury!


Disgustin’. Where children can see 'em ‘n’ everyfink.


I know wee birdie

I avert my gaze in spring when those trees are ahem procreating


And on the driveway. Frightening they horseless carriages…


I imagine a neighbour is polishing a car or something, but it sounds as if someone is wringing out a guinea pig.


Twist of lemming?


I am being Looked At severely.


Now then, Sparrer, what Really Bad Thing have you done?


I am Not Her Owner.

And I only played with the dog-handle for about ten minutes.


tsssk. Heartless, that’s what you are.


I have just squashed some cardboard boxes & thought of DDD



I have delivered bread to my friend

And it’s really chilly in a lazy NW breeze that’s driving hail showers our way…


Cold here too,although the wind has dropped, Thank God

Am going to wrap up, & stagger up the road for my newspaper

Head/neck not yet ok enuff fer driving, & the walk will do me good



Much sympathy, Carinthia xx.

What a grand time we had in Aberlady - Duck Inn, to be precise. Great company, good food. When That Poodle’s Preffered Ones returned her to her home, she took a couple of sniffs at SiL’s (wrapped) gift from us and decided that we must be in her home, as she has thoroughly searched every room to see where we might be hiding. Not so bright, eh?

Mr Bee loathes the Ash, just beyond our garden fence. It is messy, in the extreme. I should have let him cut it down, when we first moved in, but I was worried that someone might shop him to the ‘authorities’. I should have just let him off his beely leash. He bears me no grudge, oh no.

Soo xx


Still Life With Dog Handle


I’ve seen stiller tbh, Dahlink. But they weren’t as much fun for the Dog.


Looks a bit young for still life, too.


That Hound looks engaged and that’s good. I am longing to have That Poodle to stay with us. But, this will happen when it happens (profound bee, me). In my experience (limited though it izz) Dogs thrust into Strange and Not Home environments need a lot of attention. Then, they just get on wivvit.
Soo xx


Time for my bed. Good nights, Cellarites.
Soo xx


Gin, Soo

Don’t ferget it

Managed to stagger to & fro the shop & have had an Snoozette

I will be glad to go & get this sorted out tomorrow