So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Hugs, dear Chatelaine. And me compliments to The Immaculate Liver.

Sounds vaguely blasphemous, that…


Won games. Orf to me nest.


Snork !

That’s why they are only increasing the medication a tablet at a time, so that me Liver remains Immaculate…

Tsweep Well, Dunnock



Oh all right, because I am a Bad Person:


Ahh, shame!
And the poor little lizard could easily have been hurt. That person doesn’t, imo, give much of a stuff about their creatures.

Gus the Grump (from the NSPCC - ask That Fish)


Guaranteed lizard-free


(especially free of newts)


Morning folk

Chesticle playing up here

I am currently taking blood to test

I am really glad about the immaculate liver

So glad I have made fresh crusty bread so there will be hot crusts and butter soon

Meanwhile have some bacon butties


Sorry you’re not well, Twellsy.
How is our Chatelaine?
Also, how is That Hound?
Soo xx


It went up in the Lent Appeal place because I got distracted!

Meanwhile, when you play with DDD using the dog handle, she barks at you through clenched teeth. A remarkable noise.


Upright, well, mostly, & here, but haven’t done anything useful today



I know that feeling.

[pourity] [pourity] [pourity]


RL bread will be out of the oven in 20 minutes

Butter is out of the fridge too

Clears escape route fast to avoid sharp elbows


\_______/ <----- Me Plate



Gem, wiv Hound.



Pub’ Dog

That’s better



I do love a walk with a dog that features a pub in the scheme

dogs seem to like pubs



I tried the ‘barking through clenched teeth’ trick That Fish mentioned, btw. Caused a fearful coughing and spluttering incident wiv much snotters. Every day is indeed a school day.


Isn’t that Kirsty?


Helen shurely? In fact it seems to sum her up quite well.


I did originally write Helen, but the “clenched teeth” bit seemed to me to be Kirsty’s ground state at the moment. Helen can sound (only sound, mind*) fairly reasonable as long as she’s getting her way.

*Never was a comma so important