So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


We were prevented from listening to our fave rave radio show, this evening, as friends popped up @ 7. So we missed Derry Girls, too, but we have had such a good evening. The chestnut and leek risotto with steamed broccoli and Grana Padano was scoffed enthusiastically and the pud that Dear Friend provided was fab. She used coconut sugar from Aldi (who knew?) in the biscuit base, sweetened yoghurt, raspberry coulis and yummy fruits on top - sprinkled with coconut sugar. I don’t even like puds, but this was different.

Soo xx


I have never heard of coconut sugar , Soo

Time we had slammers, methink



I concur, Carinthia. Will you pour?
Soo xx


I must retire to my cell, hoping that Himself won’t insist on the Kirk in the morn - as it seems a bit unreasonable, just now.
Sweet dreams, all.
Soo xx


All this talk of slammers and then yer cell led me to imagine a Bee in striped pyjamas.

But then again they would be, wouldn’t they?
none too bright, that Gus


Why are my knees so hot? In the 'fry an egg on ‘em’ sense rather than the ‘Cyd Charisse’ one, obviously.
Atempts to cook breakfast on them will be severely discouraged, however.


I suggest a trip to the GP, Gus xx

My head hurts, but I don’t need a medic to diagnose the cause of that. Time forra shower.

Soo xx


Not Pygmalion likely, dere.

Sorry about the Beely bonce. Easy on the, ahem, coconut sugar next time. Sounds as if it was Werf It, though. Think yerself lucky you aren’t here, wiv Thames Water gaily drilling little holes just outside.
Gus x




where the only water is in the form of ice.


Morning all

Bacon butties ready

Gus it is my feet that burn every so often

I have been known to stand on the outside step in the middle of the night to cool them

I look longingly at the freezers at such moments but food hygeine issues prevent me

If it were only me I would be installing the freezer by the bed


My knees are crepuscular, apparently

The shame

I may have successfully retuned 2 TVs last week, but now my 'phone is playing Silly Buggas

I put it on to charge last night & when I switched it on this morning,the icons from 2 screens have disappeared- including the one for the settings


Liberates Pitcher



The knees that stalk in the small hours…


I have a cake in the oven. It should be done. It isn’t, or anything like. Grrrr.

It is an unbirthday cake for ditzy neighbour, who yesterday decided today was my birthday and rocked up late last night with flowers, chocolate and a card.
I know I missed her birthday, which is late in the year, so it seemed appropriate.

It will have apricot icing. If it is ever ‘done’.


[sidle sidle]
Definitely a failure which you should tip down the nearest small brown tseepy recycling bin.

(I have had Gusly Cake before. Even the failures wuz delicious.)


A ggogle of ‘crepuscular knees’ led me to this

A handsome bird indeed


[Preenity, preenity]
Sorry to report that all is well in cake department; had a bit of a brain-fart on my time calculation. Sensible people, and small tseepy soda-bread-manufacturing birds, Sets Timers to avoid such panics, I know.


And some set timers to five minutes before the actual time, to allow for getting from other end of house, locating oven gloves*, etc…

…to find that someone has been “helpful” and taken it out when the alarm went off.

*Which were where they should be five minutes before, and probably will be again five minutes later, but have just for the moment slipped into a parallel universe to avoid the annoying beeping.


More likely been taken for use removing things from the oven, I’d’ve thought.

Gus, do not encourage That Bird in the Spherical Ambition.


I thought the same, except they still contrive to vanish when I’m alone in the house. Ditto cheese and cake slicers, palette knives, the working tin opener…


Yes, because we all have a non-working one. I shall throw ours out on its useless ear, right now.
Soo xx