So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


'Tisn’t an egg; it’s a deformed hoop with three small eggs balanced in it. And not for Carinthia, because gin.


I’ll help wiv the gin!


I will too wee birdie

We need to ensure our gin hating friends are safe from distilled juniper


Oh well, in that case…



Now I like vodka as much as the next dipso and am not averse to chocolate, but one has to draw the line somewhere.



I’m sticking with the gin, which I found out last year works very well. Tesco let me down this year, so I’ll be taking a trip to Lidl…


Poor Dear xx

BTW, Gus, Earl Grey tea izza a wonderful drink and those daffodils I sent you, up-thread, are growing in Earl Grey’s soil. I do have a fondness for perfumed tasting comestibles, I’ll allow.

Soo xx


Wot abaht Lady Grey?


Wot, that modern muck?


Nope. Not on yer nelly.

Yet I love jasmine tea. And rose pouchong (coo, get me). So it is not an aversion to scented comestibles per se.


As far as the tea goes, Lady Grey is a bit wet, in my opinion. However, Lady Grey azza proper person was just great, imho.
Soo xx


I just thought I would ask. I was given some once and can remember nothing whatever about it! Yet I only have to say the words “Russian Caravan” and I can taste it in the roof of my mouth…


You are an enigmatic Fish, to be sure. Do tell…

Soo xx


Russian Caravan is just the name of a rather individual type of tea.

Somebody very kindly gave me some, and I enjoyed it very much for a few weeks.

People tend to give me tea in an attempt to convert me. Little do they know that ever since I was about eight and met lapsang souchong in very fine china cups one could see through, very weak, and enjoyed with Carr’s water biscuits, I have had occasional tea-jags during which I have three or four cups of a particular tea every day for a week or two before stopping again…

At the moment I have a tin with Assam Bargang in it, and some White Monkey green tea from China, and a packet which says
Sen Cha
Vihreä Lehtitee (which means “green leaf tea”)
I think the “Runsaan” which comes next means “rich” rather than “wealth” … I haven’t tried it yet.


That fuelled my sixth form exams, that did…

And lots and lots of little salty wheat crackers whose name escapes me.


I am glad that you told me, Fishers.

I love this.

Sweet dreams, Cellarites, all.

Soo xx


Gin Soo

I am a tea drinker whose usual tea is Yorkshire Tea for hard water teabags

I do love Darjeeling lapsang and most black teas but our water is so hard there is no point in trying to use it here


Gin, Soo

You’ll need it

I have put the Recyling Bins out - it’s Bluddy Parky out there



We do seem to be as one in the matter of dustbin nights. Our paper bin is full of dog-mangled cardboard.

Orf to me nest.


Saves shredding it, Dunnock

Tsweep Well