So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Sounds like a Plan, Carinthia.
Soo xx

ETA that I’m off to bed. Good nights, Cellarites.


Good night, wee Bee :crescent_moon:


Gin, Soo

I think that we need summat to drink



Trundles trapeze out to gin lake

As near to the cellar as possible


I am being good!


Strangled Snork…



Everything has bin taken apart. (This is sent via the noo shinyphone.) Night all.


You can’t go strangling snorks. They nest on cartwheels and are wholly lovely.

Ah. No, the blue-arsed Snork, however, is fair game, Dahlink. And it does love a peckity at any skweakwins it might encounter on its meanderings


Goodnight, Spsrrer. Safe journeys, good gaming, smooth rebuilds and Shiny Noo Boiler


Tenters Hitched…



The Blokes are here.


(Did I mention noo shinyphone? Only took about an hour to get set up. Yay LineageOS.)


Will someone get this bluddy snork off my bikinki please?

The bluddy thing is pecking all the squeakwins off me bra top and it is getting bits of me into it as well


I have Distracted it wiv toast and marmite, Dere.


Thank you Gus

Now I needs a noo bikinki

Coooeee chatelaine

I needs advice on making a squeakwinned bikinki

That snork has made this one into my Sunday one


Proffers emergency wrap, for the sake of public decency. No squeakwins, but look - shiny gold embroidery, and all floaty and elegant. Wiv a handy pocket for the anti-Snork HDE catapult.


Dons Dark Glasses & Sighs…



Thank you Gus

Nobody else worries about my welfare


Mind you don’t singe yer Harse, Twellsy… :wink:



Now about this bikinki

I have some nice lycra backed squeakwinned fabric

Do I zigzag stitch the pattern before I cut it out to stop it ravelling?


Christ onna Bike

Stretchy Squeakwins

Cut out first, with seam allowance, fit, & then stitch & finish

If this is real, then it will be an Bugga to do

Trust me



Not only stretchy but reversible squeakwins

Rub the fabric one way and it’s silver rub it the other way and it’s shocking pink!

Won’t it be nice to have one bosom pink and the other silver?
And heffalump shaped…