So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Stoppit, Dere. It is not kind to torture our Chatelaine thus.


I hope our chatelaine knows I am just being myself

A daft old bat!


You’d end up looking like a walking Van Gogh…

Oh - looks like someone got there before me (no squeakwins, though)


You are The Snork and I claim my five pounds, joe.

Soo xx


That makes me itch just reading about it…



… and unwrapped and made off with the contents?



I hope that the Fishly-Dunnock Boiler is installed & working

I have had to put the heating on here



Made Martyr Sauce yesterday, so Lasagne will be constructed this evening



Ooh - there’s an idea: pizza made with Gus’s chilli & tomato sauce. Must plan that for later in the week.


I’m so pleased you like that.



and so is the boiler.


The server rack has been reconstructed in, er, about half the volume. Feral Techie is now looking beerwards.



Beer :beer::beer::beer: for the Feral Techie

Also there are spare sossidges…


What a curious concept


They come in sixes, whereas I come in a one… Six sossidges at a sitting is a Bit Much.


Halve the pack and use the freezer for three of them?


A sensible person might do something like that, Fishy, yes. However, I cooked the lot and have snarfled two-and-a-half.
Things are therefore looking up for breakfasts over the next couple of days.


My Fambly became adept at ‘pinching’ cold ‘leftover’ sossinges

I had to cook extra so that there were enuff… :wink:



Yeah, I know the syndrome. That’s why I killed or banished mine ;- )

Family, that is. Who banishes a sausage?


Sossinges… cold?

I try to make sossinge sandwiches sometimes, but they seem to vanish before they get cold.

Feral is drinking the last of the Thwaites Champion Mild. Must buy some more.