So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


My drink of choice in my teens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Morning all

Wakey waaaaakey

Ulster fry on Sunday


Urgle. Also, shurrup.
Crawling back to bed.



It’s a lovely day

So how would you like your eggs and do you want tea or coffee to be served




< ignority >< zizzity >


Rips bedclothes off recalcitrant limpet and deploys a binbag full of ice onto said limpet

I make a fry and expect it to be enjoyed

Now come along do

I will even forgo the omnibus for you!


Gerroff, you great bully.

[sounds of brief scuffle]

Medics for Twellers, quick as you like. She seems to have dislocated both shoulders. Yes, it is very unusual, isn’t it? Upside down in the laundry bin, you can’t miss her.


That limpet calls ME the bully?

I will get that limpet at a later date

I gather that charcoal cooked limpet is a delicacy

Ooo morphine thank you nice paramedic


Pore Gus

Fairly rubbish night here too, but am now reasonably upright



Wot you lot need izza


Possibly two yardarms at opposite ends of the bar.


I have just put the heating on

Did the Fishly-Dunnock boiler spring into action today ?



It did, Carinthia.

Everyone who knows me is aware that waking me up for anything except what I consider a good reason is a rash thing to do, and on a Sunday is a bastinado offence. So the boiler came on quietly.


Good for the boiler - intuitive ones are hard to find.
We have occupied ourselves with bed-stripping and mattress-vacuuming - onna Sunday, tsk.
Has That Hound eaten owt, today?
Soo xx


Blimey, Soo

You know how to have a good time…



Telling me, Darling xx I have time forra medicinal, before I embark on a curry sauce.

Soo xx



Wottan Good Idea



I have just done
I made a cheese and onion buttie with extra strong cheddar and a whole onion from the Polish shop

the cheese bites back and the onion was vicious

My eyes are watering

But it was delicious!



Well, she refused all yesterday’s food; it was still sitting in the dish this morning. The only thing that is not unremittingly bad about this is that being kipple, it hadn’t gone off.

So we took her for an hour’s walk, hoping that this would give her an appetite, and by chance finishing at a pub (where there was some reasonable beer whose name Hedgers might be able to remember). And outside this pub was a dogs’ water-bowl, empty, which we took to get filled. When it was put down the DDD immediately drank about two pints of water, and I realised that perhaps she didn’t like the taste of the water provided at home, which has been in a plastic dubby my son filled for her before he left.

So we went home via a pet emporium and got her a large metal drinking bowl, and at the same time remembering that she loves the fish-food, which smells strongly of fish, I bought her a pack of potato-and-fish kibble.

When we got home she was delighted with water from the new bowl, but still turned up her pointy little nose at the kibble in her dish, so I took it away and gave her fish-kibble, the amount of yesterday’s feed, and she skopped the lot.

She is being a fussy, manipulative madam.


She’s a poet and doesn’t know it


She’s making me smile, Fishers. And, she got what she wanted. Maybe some Dogs become bored with same-old, same-old.

Soo xx