So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


She has put up with it for eight years! That was why I was given a big sack of it for her.


Time for a change, then?
That Poodle will arrive on Saturday for a fleeting visit. She’ll be having her usual, as that’s what we have available but were she to refuse it, I’d be worried as she never refuses her boring old food. Famous last words.

Soo xx


Fussy & manipulative maybe, but I too would turn my nose up at stuff wot had been left out all day, even if I was the one leaving it. BiL’s cat was the same, but ate for me when I provided a clean dish for every meal.



Love this!
Soo xx


I would agree except that this has been her pattern of behaviour, according to his report when he was telling me her routine for this visit, for the entire time she had been my son’s dog: getting given the full dish in the evening, eating half and keeping half to eat after the first walk next day.


She has come from a hot country where all the sounds & smells must be very different

She has been placed in the care of /abandoned with a Bird anna Fish whom she knows will do anything to make her happy

Sod the old routines & habits, which are for her people, not you

She is enjoying herself…:dog2:

She’ll prolly have you half-way trained when she goes orff again…



To be served with mushy peas, or perhaps a wally?


I hadn’t spotted that rhyme Fishy

I am enjoying others’ doggie tails so much as I had to give my Yorkie away as I cannot look after a dog myself any more

So I love dogs vicariously

And am rather fond of leopards and I adore my bundle of grey fevvers


I do admire the Fishly-Dunnocks for following the instructions for Hound’s routine. A good friend (well used to Dogs) looked after our Border Terrier one year, when we buzzed off for a week in the sun. All I asked was that she’d be given no treats and just her ‘proper’ food and that she must not be allowed to lie upon furniture. It was just a week and upon our return we discovered that she had developed a taste for Yorkshire Puds and a penchant for lolling about on anything other than the lowly floor. Aaaargh!

Soo xx


Haven’t tried her on peas. It’s a thought…

I wonder whether she likes beetroot. We had a Dalmatian when I was a child whose favourite foods were the outer skin of vinegar-boiled beetroot, and curry. Not at the same time, I haste to add! He would beg for either quite shamelessly.


I’d not have blamed the Fishly-Dunnocks for rebelling slightly: the hound’s regime is a little Spartan. Yorkshire puds would be taking things Too Far, though. Just the beef and gravy would be acceptable.


My grandparents’ squirrel hound loved raw broad beans…


You going to eat that?

Potato and white fish, it says. So why is it brown?


That’ll be those healthy potato skins, Hedgers.
Soo xx


It may be that the water from the dubby chosen by Son tasted nasty. Since DDD has had the new, metal bowl she has five times come through and helped herself to large amount of water, and she is now hoovering up a second bowl full of kibble – the one she rejected completely yesterday – with every sign of pleasure.

I didn’t mean to starve her of liquid! I refilled the plastic bowl twice a day, but clearly failed to notice that she was hardly drinking from it. Poor little animal!

Carinthia, the kibble sits out all day in an open sack, so I don’t think it’s that much different if it is out all day in the bowl…


I keep forgetting that it is dry, Fishy

A thought/memory about the water has occurred:
Many moons ago, German friends came to the caravan to visit, bringing their dog

We were somewhat surprised, but that’s another story

Anyhoo, I have an container which I use for water for hand-rinsing and, to keep it clean enough I used a water-purifying tablet innit.

Visiting Dog stopped drinking, & looked really miserable. It turns out that friend’s wife had been refilling the dish from my water container instead of going to the tap & getting fresh



Oh dear! That’s a sad story…

Well, the DDD is positively bouncing this evening!


Now that is just one reason I loathe and despise an all-kibble regime. Fluid deficits. Worst thing one can do for neutered male cats, but it’s not great for any animal.
So glad Her Dogness is now bouncing. Please give her a cheery tug on the dog-handle from me.

For the avoidance of doubt, no criticism of Fishly-Dunnocks was intended. And I would happily rant at DDD’s responsible adult to his face on the subject.


I have. It made no difference whatever.


I have two advantsges.
Firstly, I am not said adult’s parent.
Secondly - actually, it’s the same advantage really - it’s no skin off my nose if harsh words are exchanged and major huffs taken.
luv, Gus, the Bringer of Feuds and Resentment

(oi, Gustav, you missed one!)