So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Of course you didn’t, Fishers! I understand that Dogs living in hot climes need dry food to keep up their fluid intake. She is not a poor little animal and you are absolutely worthy of the trust you were afforded.

Soo xx


Well, I hope that’s good :grin:

Here’s a lullaby for bedtime:

Soo xx


Orf to me nest.


Best dreams, Hedgers and all.
Soo xxzz


That Beekles song.

I was 6. The North West 6.30pm news show with Bill Grundy was on. He referred to a new song with the up & coming local band The Beekles was to be played live in’t studio.

They came on & played that dirge.
:notes::musical_score: “She loves you, yeah ,yeah, yeah.
She loves you blah, blah, blah …” :musical_score::notes:

6yr old me thought whatever 6 yr olds say for “what a load of bollox”.

It was the Stones for me from then.



Gin first, fer Soo

Wotevva anyone else wants

This is all very interesting

I abhor Dry Dinners for myself,'cos I have 3 Kidneys to maintain

I abhor Dry Dinners Full Stop, but accept, as I must when pet-owners say that that’s what their Hanimal Heats

Meat & Gravy fer me or at least Summat wiv Gravy…



You do realise that I have to update the Ma nightly on the Hound, don’t you?

and people wonder why I am as I am…


Yipping gently in her sleep, so That Fish tells me.


Two, actually, in that case. One was sorted out by Colin Matthews:

…at least, until it got demoted


Pluto the Renewer, is it?
What about the sizeable proportion of the asteroid belt composed of overdue library books?


But go a bit further out, and there’s infinite booze in infinite combinations…



I ain’t going up there to catch it dear wee birdie


But all we need to do is shift the Earth a little bit*, and the skies will open with free booze!

* ™ Feral Techie Engineering Consultancy, motto “we already have a place to stand”. Not responsible for biosphere collapse.


Very wise, Twellsy. The booze may be cheap, but the atmosphere? Non-existent*.

*if you want originality, you’ll have to pay me more


A man walks into a bar. As he passes the cigarette machine, he hears it say, “You smell bad and you are ugly.” Then he hears a voice apparently coming from a nearby plate of peanuts. “You really are a very handsome young man.” the nuts claim.

The man turns to the bartender and asks for an explination.

The bartender replies, “The cigarette machine is out of order and the nuts are complimentary.”


[hasty pourity]


If I feed Feral bacon butties and me made hot cross buns washed down with beer will he leave Earth alone and reasonably safe in its orbit for a few million years?

Sets platter of bacon butties in front of Feral another on the Cellar table with a final platter in front of the dear wee birdie


Worth a try, says, Feral.


Passes several bottles of craft beers to Feral


Gawds Twellsy

Spoiling That Birdie and Feral Techie

We won’t be able to do a thing wivvem