So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


I like to look after techies - nobody seems to think they are humans and need the same care every human needs

The wee birdie just needs feeding to keep its energy up


[smug beaky grin]
[steals Feral’s beer]


Pops a case of beer (Sheepstealers Donkey kick) at the entrance to Feral’s lair

Wrapped up tightly and taped to seal it in safely

(I bet Feral has a knife to get into computery things boxes)


Feral is waiting for a new gigabit switch which will apparently end world hunger, or at least make the machine room a bit more nifty.


Feral’s beer


Tonight you can report that the DDD has eaten her food like a gooder, drunk about two litres of water when she got in from her walk, and that while we were out we met three children aged “I’m nearly four” up to “I’m five and a half”, with whom she played: when she first came along the ride they were a little scared of her, but she lay down on command amd let them have her stick, so one of them threw it, and she went and fetched it and took it to another, who threw it, so she fetched it and took it to the last to throw. Then she went back to them with the stick in rotation for about ten minutes until they had to go home.


Now that a thoroughly satisfactory walk and morning t me.
Thank you.


The half is so important, isn’t it ?

I have been waiting for a 'phonecall from my GP which has just happened, so now I can do the messy jobs requiring gloves which have been waiting for me all morning




When I were a hatchling I had a basic alarm clocky calculatory sort of thing which, it turned out, could subtract one date from another. All of a sudden I could be insistent about how many days old I was.


I bet you were a maddening chick.


Past tense, dear Fishers?


You are too big to be a chick.


Feral is happy. So am I.


  • two network switches
  • one C14/BS1363 “street” adaptor cable
  • one 4-way BS1363 socket block
  • one wallwart power supply
  • one BS1363/C13 “kettle lead”


  • one network switch
  • one C13/C14 power cable

Also apparently internal ping time is down from 450µs to 360µs.


Hedgers called it that, not I. Basically it takes the kettle-lead output from the UPS (gurt big battery) and supplies it as a normal mains socket; but it was only needed for the wallwart power supply for one of the switches, so now it can stay in the parts bin until it’s next needed.


Proffers Beer before eyes glaze over completely… :beers:



Rapid internal pinging sounds potentially risky to me. I would consult - someone - and meanwhile favour a soundproof vest

Now you are just being silly

Splendid. :beer:


Proffers chocolate cake and gin and beer

I am sure that means a lot to the initiated


No, really, that’s what they’re called. The little transformer that has its own plug built in, which sticks out of the wall like an incipient buboe.


The things one learns.

Ooh - Gin! Cheers!

Soo xx


I also has an Thermometer.

Just bin burning some old paperwork, and the outside of the incinerator got up to 400°C.

Also, the back end of the Hound is half a degree warmer than the front.