So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Muffled Snork!

Poor hound…



Had she been sitting down?
Try a mid-walk reading on a windless day. Yes, I do mean the weather sort of wind.


She was just ambling about in the way she does. I was near the front door, so she came over in the hope that there might be a W— in it for her.


A Wallwart? Awww



An Medicinal Summat would be a good idea , methinks

The footage of Notre Dame burning is awful



It is a major tragedy, that.

Medicinals all round.

And I am for my bed.


Ah, Marlow… where they stock Sipsmith, but the gin of the month is a Beefeater gimmick.


Can’t really put it better than this:


[yawnity] tseep

Not so much the dawn chorus as the opening-time chorus…



Smoked bacon butties on offer today

Feral gets my own home made fat juicy sossiges wrapped in brioche rolls with a case of beer

The wee birdie gets its own platter of bacon butties with sossiges on the side and a bottle of Gunpowder gin and a straw


I fink Feral has just set out to hitch-hike to Ireland…


Well I will feed him like I feed yon Bull

Does Feral speak Linux and or Cisco networking?

If so the Bull will talk his legs off

I will just feed em and retreat to my knitting


I arsked.

“Cisco? Ew, nasty commercial stuff. Linux, all the time.”


Right I will allow the Bull to talk techie stuff

I only know Cisco cos he did exams in it recently after he was offered a course by the Brew when he was made redundant

He is now on about clocks at rallies having vpns to his computer


Cisco is marketable, but it’s not fun. Linux is fun, in spite of the best efforts of the commercial types.

Well obviously you want a VPN. It’s time sensitive data so you don’t want to do it over TCP, and you can’t wrap SSL round UDP, so VPN it is.

All right, all right, I’ll save it for Dublin.


Dear Feral Sir Milud

I think you and the Bull will have a ball in Dublin

Fluent Linux with beer

What else do techie types need?


Refuelling at intervals.


That goes without saying Fishy dear

I am getting a bit excited by this Meet

I hope I am not the only one…


No, you’re not, Twellsy. I very much look forward to live reports!

Thinking about Notre-Dame, am I alone in not particularly liking that spire? I wish that the fire had not occurred, obviously, but the spire always looked ‘wrong’ to me while I love Gothic architecture.

Soo xx


You’re not wrong there :wink: (regarding cisco != fun, that is). Networking in general can be, however; at least I can talk “cisco” when I have to. Home (and rally) networking is all built around Mikrotik … reasonably decent kit, reasonably priced. Just configured my “rally remote” router, and I am now seeing “ping” time from my main workstation to a laptop less than 1 meter away of around 133 ms (yep … ms, not μs)! OK, it’s going the long way around … through a tcp-over-tcp SSL VPN via an LTE connection, to a French-provisioned, London-based server, and back to the other VPN end-point via a very rural DSL connection. So the 133 ms isn’t remarkable, the fact that it actually WORKS is :sunglasses: