So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Tell me it’s not cycle lanes, Fishers.
Or not :slight_smile:
I must retire. Norshussness (?sp) has been largely cured by chicken soup.
I am also largely ignoring that enigmatic Bird.

Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Not cycle lanes, no.

The DDD has eaten almost all her day’s ration and taken her rope away upstairs with her; I shall take the hint and go to bed. G’night!


I wouldn’t if I were you, little Bee:

Ticks all the boxes, innit.


A Round of Medicinals to take wiv you both

Pleased about DDD

F’Dave is coming to collect the car in the morning
MOT time again

I have to go to the Orsepiddle for another blood test



Certainly does, Gus. Thank you.
[Wonders if that Truly Good Bird hazza bottle to share]

Annual MOTs seem to happen every six months, these days, Carinthia. Good luck with that and for your appointment. This morning I shall be attending a retirement ‘do’ for the lovely Chaplain whom MiL regarded with such fondness. Shan’t be going empty handed, as we have a bottle of tawny port azza gift.

Soo xx


Nottan Port drinker meself, but I understand that tawny is the way to go

Have been up since 6-45 & am now awaiting F’Dave



So after the Battle of Copenhagen, the Danes decided that they needed lots of naval timber for their new huge fleet, so they planted it. Alas, it only reached maturity in the 1980s… which is why there was a lot of cheap paper about then.

And the Great Hall of Trinity has a very impressive roof, with huge beams to hold it up; but they were starting to fail. So they looked around, and soon discovered that there wasn’t anywhere that could sell them timber large enough. Hmm. Aha, says someone, we seem to have a college forester (since as a large old Cambridge college they have land holdings all over the place); perhaps we should ask him. Indeed: his records show that this particular grove of trees was dedicated to the task of being the new Great Hall beams when it was planted.



F’Dave has just been

Now fer the Orsepiddle



Absolutely fascinating, Hedgers. So much in this article to ponder - one quotation, in particular, leapt from the page:

“Canning replied by saying that the British were hated throughout Europe and so Britain could wage an “all-out maritime war” against France without worrying who they were going to upset.”

Oo-er! (I couldn’t help but notice that Earl Grey came out of this rather well.) So much reading to do…

The retirement ‘do’ was good and the Rev greatly appreciated the port. We won the following in the raffle:


Soo xx



[hopeful tappity on window]

Meanwhile it has become clear that That Dog has good taste; she goes away whenever The Archers comes on. (She does the same with any angry voices, and there’s usually an angry voice in TA these days.)


The egg and bunny are yours, Hedgers. No - I insist.

That Poodle rather likes TA theme tune, so I s’pose she lacks taste. I’ll question her on Saturday.

Soo xx


The DDD has been given a beef-bone and had it intimated that Not On The Rug is a house-rule for bones, so she is down at the end of the kitchen chumbling it by the washeen. I had never realised how loud a dog eating a bone could be until I heard it reverberating along the tiled floor!


Does she have a small rug of her own to sit on, Fishy ?

Having an Mega Flump now

As usual, I did too much shopping after the Orsepiddle & my feet & hands are protesting



She is using one of the kitchen mats. They can go into the washeen, which the big one in the main room can’t.

The trouble with shoppong is, once you have gone to all the trouble of getting to the shops you might as well do it all – I know that one. My back unloves me for it.


Medicinals forra Chatelaine and That Fish. Anna Bee, just to keep the queases at bay.


3 bags & the 'bus back didn’t do me any favours atall

The vehicule has been returned, but I will need an Snoozete before contemplating putting it away



As evidenced by a lady in front of me just now. I have honsstly never seen as much shoppinge in a trolley &/or on a conveyer. You’d have thought she’d won a trolley dash with no time limit.

I must assume she has fambly over for Egg Day , well Egg Month.


I think it is Eggsmas, to go with Xmas.


Shopping? Don’t talk to me about bleedin’ shopping.

Two bags ovvit plus a big pack of bogrolls. You know, one of the ones with a plastic strap handle attached to the ‘skin’ of the packaging. Nice idea, but not much use when said handle detaches itself the instant it has left the shop. Nice petshop woman provided sellotape repair, which saw me not quite as far as the bus stop. Oh, and the petshop didn’t have what I wanted.

I too am flumping. Crossly.


In case of emergency: