So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


Well, so itizz. I am aware that very few of my scribblings are worthy of attention, ne’er mind planting. I hope that you have a grand time with the Sudden One,.

I am wondering about That Gus, but must go to bed.

Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Reporting in, dere Bee. I have not been arrested or sectioned - which is a sad commentary on the state of public services these days - and am about to read properly through the Cellar.
Sleep tight and buzzily
G xx


Fuzzy hugs, Gus.
Good to see you.
Soo (otb) xx


Well, it was the Royal Court…


Gus xxx


The Ma used to make a fantastic casserole - bearing in mind Twellsy’s distinction which I also tend to use, although I think it is more to do with the state of the meat before moisture is added, ie seared vs unseared - from hearts. Real warm-you-up-and-slow-you-down food. Someone I gave birth to asked for dumplings with it. Steewth.


I don’t eat stew.

I DO however eat slow-cooked meat (oxtail for preference) with vegetables. I call it “casserole” & that way it seems less like stew, so long as there are dumplings.

That way I can pretend it’s pie. As I originate from quite near Wigan pie is a very good thing.


< Leads Armers away for, ahem, re-education >


So one might legitimately regard you as a Wigan Pier then, dere? Anyroad, oxtail is The Bizniss.


I use the slow cooker when I’m not putting the range on to cook so I call things in it casserole

As someone with lots of Yorkshire blood I will just point out that our pies are perfect

Some here have eaten pies I have made

With gusto


Where do I buy that, dahlink?
Vague nod to the not-terribly-funny joke about the young wife who wanted to know where to buy Scratch as “your bloody mother made everything from it”…

I have never had a Twells Pie. I have, however, seen a picture and am now a long-distance pie worshipper.


With gusto & sans jelly… :wink:

Itizz blowing an Hoolie here tonight,& the bins are getting ready to dance…




Nooooo. Bolton through & through. But 'country Bolton" wiv lakes & rivers & forests & hills and television masts & things

Wigan was just where the pie mine was.


'm’ome from That London.

One or two beers may have bin drunk. Not to mention the “last” port of call was having a Grand Reopening, wiv glasses wiv the date on 'em ‘n’ everyfink. Can always use more glasses for the bar at home.

(There wuz two more places after the “last” one.)

Wheeeeeeeee tiddly tseeep ‘n’ orf to me nest.


Bread is rising in the small oven, porridge is cooling, and I am calling a




Snerry here

And I have a nedake free to good home…


I have had some of Twellsy’s pies. Remembering when you flew all the way to Brizzle with two on your lap? I had a house full of people, Twellsy, Carinthia, Lady M, Glo, BG59, Fanta, Hedgie and dear old Goldilocks for lunch, The dining room was full to bursting as were we after Twellsy;s delicious pies. Twellsy disobeyed the rules and was smoking out of the bedroom window. Hedgie was on the patio with a portable cocktail bar and what a grand time we all had. I have never forgotten that day and to think that my friend asked me “How do you know that they aren’t all axe murderers and some will be staying In your house?”


If I could double like that, I would, Rosy

Sner sleet & sner again here



That was a wondrous weekend

Remember the fashion show in M&S Rosy?

Such fun


We are all axe-murderers, but we do have some manners: we would never axe-murder someone whose salt we had eaten, no more than we would hit her with the back of a hockey-stick.