So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


This axe murderer seems to travel bearing food

I also went to the wedding of a Beeb Mler’s daughter bearing the cake

Wiv photos of the progress to reassure various Earlybirds that the transport was going well


I remember that Hedgie took off to see even bigger flying things at Yeovilton Museum, flew back and gingerly stood on my doorstep and tweeted. Hedgie had a great time mixing the cocktails and a few people who shall remain anonymous were very merry when Hedgie left.

Twellsy,I do remember the fashion show in M and S and no doubt so do half of the staff. I always think of you when I wander in the undies department, the store has never been the same.


It was such a lot of fun being giggly schoolgirl type for a while

The staff seemed to love it too as they giggled with us


I am not an axe murderer and gosh, look at the time, quarter past twelve, is that clock right, good, just wanted to check you will all be able to swear to it.


Some ovvus went out for Lunch at a wonderful Pub’, the next day

My Stepdaughter & Granddaughter met us, & had Lunch with us

They had a lovely time, once they had worked out who Carinthia was… :rofl:



Such a gorgeous girl your granddaughter - both in looks and nature


Orff to fetch my Newspaper before this latest snow settles



We ought to organise another Cellar outing one day.


Please may I come?

Promise to be good - ish

and I don’t smoke any more…


If it happens, naturally you must come!

Or maybe you could host it, some fine month, and we could all come and camp in your garden…


Now, here’s a thing. Yesterday I took Hedgers to the station. Later in the day I went to the gym, then went and bought a long piece of wood from Wickes, came home, locked the car and came into the house. Once in, I went through to the main room to put the wood down, and then came to my desk, where I stayed for the rest of the evening.

When it came to fetching Hedgers from the station late in the evening, I felt in my pocket for the car key: not there. Ooops, I must have hung it up, though I had no memory of doing so; I went to the place where the keys live on hooks: not there.

It is nowhere. It is in no place between the front door and the main room, it is not in the main room, it is not on my desk, it is not under my desk, it is not in any of my pockets (I emptied them out and made quite sure), it in not in the kitchen or the loo or the hall, it is not on the drive outside…

Luckily we have two keys to the car so I was able to fetch Hedgers, though slightly late for all the looking, but the key still hasn’t appeared. Any ideas where the blank it might be? I have gone through the waste-paper baskets in case it had fallen into one of those, and Hedgers has taken the recycling out to the main bin and put it in there one piece at at time, and we haven’t found it. Sudden Daughter looked for it without success. Waaaaaah?


I do smoke any more. But I am polite about it.


Try the fridge, any cupboards into which you might have stowed groceries and also, if applicable, the freezer.

I lost the breadknife the other day - a far more difficult thing to mislay, or so you might have thought…


So when it turns up in the back of a door-to-door electricity and religion salesman (Edison’s Witnesses), you can say you have no idea how it could have got there…


I have checked the fridge, and I didn’t actually go into the kitchen yesterday evening except to get my bottle of cold water out of it so no cupboards were opened there during the relevant time. It is a maddening mystery.


That sort of thing, yerrrr. Actually, it was the postman. Fear not, he remained unperforated. I was drying stuff up when he came to the door and must have unconsciously realised that opening the door, knife in hand, might be misconstrued, so I put it behind a cushion in the sitting room as I passed.
Like the idea of EWs - please don’t lighten our darkness, we beseech thee…


Blimey. Now I’m jealous Rosy n"all.


I was jealous at the time, Armers, as I was a new girl and missed out.
(I got over it.)
Soo xx


It was a long way from you, Soo.


I know. Like I say, I understand. Maybe another time, but distance is a Thing, which is why it’s good to have The Reporter.
Soo xx