So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


If we have one in England it would be a fair way for Joe and Twellies…


Yeah, but, no, but…

I’ll stick with posting from Hadrian’s limit and wish all well for Meets.

Soo xx


Whaddya mean IF we have a get together???

I prefer to think of WHEN…


Somewhere like Liverpool might be more convenient for several of us. Or the Peak District.


Good - ish ?

Doesn’t compute… :wink: :rofl:

Can’t be doing with you falling downstairs, either

Have Severial Hugs, Soo

And Gin



Hugs and Gin are estupendo, para mi!
Soo xx


Dere chatelaine

At least I landed gracefully on my dainty delicate little rump


Christ onna Bike, Twellsy

I went grey in 20 seconds


Itizz snowing like Hell here, & the temperature is 0.5 deg

Summat Sustaining is needed, methinks



[pourity] [pourity]



Thank-you, Dunnock

[sleepity] [wellity]



But I don’t play golf…

Anywhere in striking distance of the M4 (even off the map!) is very manageable - ferry to Fishguard or Pembroke then onwards.

Or as you suggest, Liverpool; though that’s an eight hour ferry crossing, so would probably go by train (and would not be answerable for my condition on disembarkation :wink: )

Have been toying with the idea of popping over to visit the various cousins back in Ipswich, so a detour en route could be fun…


Still snowing here

Sigh & Flump



Some sner overnight here; blue skies this morning, and an Outside Dunnock in charge of the roof-tree (just ask 'im).



snow here

I am less than amused

I hates snow!


After a freezing cold, but bright & breezy day here, it looks as though it is snowing again




Yer needs a warming summat.

[pourity] [pourity]


It stopped almost as soon as it started, but I think that you’re right, Dunnock

[grateful] [drinkity]



Ooo warming drinks

Am I in time to join in?


I’m sure you are, Twellsy



Ooo goody

‘Tis blowing a chilly gale here