So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


I’d just like to comment on the N/S Korea discussions … which will, of course, lead to nothing.

The official translator commented that “there was no reason not to live in piss”. He did. I swear it.

… &, to be fair, I must agree.


I was amused by that as well. (I don’t think this is political; I think it is a comment on language, which is permissible.)


The Orthotics will fit in them too, which will be good

I think


Wottan Good Idea



May I slip into the gin lake?

I have swam 600 metres and shopped three super markets


I wandered down to the post office, and the Toughest Duck on the River stopped and Looked at me. Wiv the waterweed hanging out of his beak ‘n’ everyfink. (Well, a matchstick would go soggy.)

So I Looked back.

Problem solved.


It’s all about the peckin’ order innit.


it’s cold. Why is is cold? It’s nearly bluddy May and I am wearing a vest top, a long-sleeved top and a jumper, fgs.


The celestial dragons are out of alignment.


That would be because Spring is happening 26 days earlier this century, Gus.

Personally I have turned on the radiator under my desk for the past hour or so. That is after putting on a fleece, and a fleece waistcoat on top of that. And my boots…


Well, someone needs to have a word. In fact, I’ll do it meself. I speak rudimentary Dragon, being one. "Stand in a straight stripe, you bastards!"
Failing that, I’ll whack 'em wivva spanner (always works on me…)


Aye, right. And autumn is happening [counts, runs out of fingers, estimates] 180 days earlier and is Here. Bah! also Pah! and Gah!

I hasten to add, for anyone who was worried earlier, that the Gusly form is shrouded below the equator in jeans and Thick Socks. Decency has been preserved (freezing is preserving, innit?)


'Twasn’t me who said it, Gus; it was on Costing the Earth or some such programme, and they seemed very sure of their facts.

They were worrying about all the little creatures and plants being out of synch with the seasons, I think.


Oh, I wasn’t blaming you for the theory, Fishy. And I too have been worrying about all the little creatures who started up wiv the amorous some time in Feb when there were a couple of OKish days…


That has been known to happen before this century. I remember at least one year when there was a shortage of fruit because the trees flowered too early and then got frosted, or the blossom was blown off the bough.


No cavolo nero, Twellsy, but garlicky buttery spinach aplenty, if you want something to underpin the gin - or there would have been but it seems to have a Gus all round it now. Still, the thought was there. Wiv nutmeg. too.


Evenin’ all.
Y’know if someone arsks you what you think of a proposed dress (for a forthcoming wedding, say) and you really don’t like the colour, style or anything about it, do you:
a) Encourage said person to buy it, safe in the knowledge that you have The Queen of all Sewing and Style Matters firmly in your corner (guess who) and you’ll look all the better for their choice, or do you:
b) Play fair and tell the truth and give a couple of alternative choices that will make the person look much nicer.
I have done the latter and have awaited a reply/backlash for quite some time now.
Oh, dear…
Soo xx


If you think something sucks and they haven’t yet shelled out, then I think it is right to say so. (Depending on how much you want to show them up, obviously.)

If they have already bought it, saying it looks dreadful serves no useful purpose and should be left unspoken.

Or that’s how I see it, anyhow.


Thanks, Fishers. I don’t want this person to look ‘out of place’ and I am now fervently hoping that she didn’t buy the dress* while I was plucking up courage to tell her what I thought.
Soo xx
*It’s frightful.


I think that you have played very fair, Soo

She’s supposed to be an important guest, & you don’t want, for her sake, for her to look like a fool . That would be a cheap thing to do

We don’t seem to have had a drink forra while, or have I missed summat?



That’s more or less how I operate, Fishy, with the important proviso that if it is an ‘Occasion’ outfit and has not yet been worn, then it is still permissible to say that it makes them look like the wreck of the Hesperus on a bad day, and can they take it back?. My middle name is Tact, spelled Ess You Ess Eh Enn. If you actually see them in it in anger, as it were, then saying nowt is the only thing to do.