Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


…that has to be the worst piece of cack I’ve ever heard! Congratulations to whoever spewed that one out! (…from whichever end!) No redeeming points whatever! Cack Prof. Jimmus! Cack Robert Smell! Cack ThatSmellWommun! (…oh yes, there was a tiny piece of Moaney and HellQueen! (…still pretty cackish!))

@Kara , I’m sure I’m not the only reader curious to know exactly what you found about tonight’s episode which elicited your comment: “I rather liked Jim’s storytelling this evening, kept the suspense and showed a sense of humour we have missed recently!” (…as John McEnroe might have screamed: “…you can’t be SERIOUS!!!”)

Professor Jimus?

words have failed


You could point out the misquote. I’m pretty sure it was “…you cannot be SERIOUS!!!”)


…or even “…YOU can NOT be SERIOUS!!!” ¹

(aside: “Is this silly enough yet?”)

¹ nice to find there are still folk around who actually remember Mr. McEnroe in all the gory detail!


There’s always a first time! Congratulations! :tada: :wink:


Wa-hey! You have your own thread, Sturmers!


Oh gosh! …for me? Oh, you shouldn’t have! I’m honoured! :flushed: A thread all of my very own! Wheeeeee! :bowing_man::bowing_man::bowing_man::clap::clap::clap::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::wave::wave:


Treat it carefully, and remember to dust it occasionally.


Heavens, Sturmey, have you nothing to say about Friday’s episode, “The Hangover Cure and its Hilarious Consequences”? Hope everyone’s sides are intact, mine certainly are. Sides unsplit and withers unwrung at the thought of Joe laughing at his son’s and grandson’s ineptitude.

Why, oh why, would they go to the pub to get someone drunk then complain about the expense? Are there no off-licenses? Is there no supermarket on the bypass? And if Clarrie would object to the exercise taking place at Grange Farm, there’s always the cider shed.

I wouldn’t care that it made no sense if only it had actually been funny.


And then there was the impressive Topical Insert which was so incredibly badly inserted: someone who has no reason to be there turns up looking for someone who has gone out, so he goes in for a cuppa in order to talk about things he wouldn’t in the ordinary way. Argh?


No need for the ‘?’ there. Clunkiest insert ever.


I’ve not heard Friday’s offering yet! I was looking forward to sitting down later with a pipe of SPLAT¹ and giving it the once over. Are you suggesting that I might be wasting my time? (…perish that thort!)

¹ Sturmey’s very own smoking mixture (equal parts Smyrna, Perique, Latakia) reminiscent of The Balkan Sobranie Smoking Mixture (Sturmey’s favourite baccy when he lived in Blighty, sadly no longer available :cry: )


Sturmers, it is definitely worth a listen if you are in the mood for a good rant!


…oh joy! (…well, we’ve not heard from her yet this week! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)


I used rather to enjoy a Black Sobranie gasper, way back when. Then I deviated to Sullivan Powell Turkish (how I love the chap who introduced me to them; all round good egg, he was).


…ah, shades of Raffles and memories of The Burlington Arcade!

Good old Yakkkkobbb! …must have been the (in)humane killer hidden up his sleeve! Go Yakkkobbb!

…just the beginning! (…as the S.S.TheArchers lurches off into the field of ice-bergs late on this Friday evening!)


…I am (very nearly) speechless! …it just gets worser and worser!


…indeed Argh!!! Argh!!! Argh!!! (…woteva next?) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’d lay claim to the comfy chair ASAP, if I were you. The way things are going, it could get a tad crowded in here…


Any excuse…