Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


…oh @Joe, you young scallywag!


What I’ve found dire among other things this week is the way Kate and Helen yet again behave badly and get away with their bullying, Kate to Jakob and Helen to Tony. The latter imposes a toddler party on her parents then waltzes off and leaves them to it, no doubt expecting praise for confronting her fears about Halloween.

Then there’s the dreadful Joe/Carmen hangover cure story. Why is it funny to set out to get someone drunk, even with their consent, and why do it in a pub? To get someone that drunk is ruddy dangerous. Jazzer isn’t 21 any more and even if he was …


Pub is an expensive and silly way to go about it, certainly.

Furthermore, there is no need to get someone paralytic/passed out in order to test a hangover cure.


Yes, a trip to the offy and a session in the cider shed would have been more sensible and economical. Cider - already available - with cheap vodka chasers would have done the trick.

Mind you, what did ring true was that Eddie in particular though Ed went along with it would ask someone to get drunk for them as a favour but not want to foot the whole of the bill. It’s what Joe would have wanted!


I’ve never seen a picture of TheAmazingJohnny, but I bet he has a tattoo (…well, it seems to be TheThingToDo amongst TheYoof of today) which reads “STOOPID” right across his forehead, and directly above that (…it is a rather low-brow) emblazoned in fluorescent ink, “FUCKING” (…just a guess!)


Yeah, the ‘naive, straightforward and good-hearted’ thing is wearing exceedingly thin and does result in him sounding a total moron a lot of the time. But he wouldn’t have a facial tattoo. It would upset "Gran’ and ‘Grandad’, as he calls them (approx 200 times a day).



Perhaps a t-shirt?

(Also available with arrow pointing down.)


For those consorting with dwarves? < clinkity > oh, yeah…



…just catching up here! (…yes, I know it’s my own fault!) …and during HellQueen & Krustee’s mutual praises of the divers wonderous properties of BarfchesterBloo (…sounds a bit like a toilet-bowl cleaner) I couldn’t help but wonder as to what other amazing properties that wunder-cheeze might have:

  • anti-foulant (…could lead to problems with the EPA)
  • radiation absorbent material (RAM)
  • er, that’s it for me!

…any others?


Age retardant?

  • Poet Blocker (…as in “…fer Chist’s sake, someone give Burt Froi a BarfchesterBloo sarni! …That should shut the bugger up!”)


Most apposite lines in tonight’s episode (November 4th, 2019):

Rex: “Why are you bothering?”
Tobeee: “Honestly, I have no idea!”

…now what else could this exchange be applied to? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Who knew that all of a sudden Borsetshire Blue is renowned throughout the county? And in so few months after production of the new cheese, the former one being rubbish as attested by Ian. It’s available in every supermarket, wasn’t that what Kirsty said or words to that effect? Gosh, when did that happen? Helen must have had more success with Doug Somerville than Tom ever did!


I think it’s more “it’s in every supermarket, no matter how much they spray with bleach or burn it back with flamethrowers”.


…an’ anuver fing!

Why the need for Freddy to accompany Lily to the LaraShowdown? (…oh, BTW, does Lara have her own feme?) The last I heard, was young Freddy had just failed his driving-test and was whining as to how unfair it was that the nasty examiner had made him do a hill-start etc. etc. …and Lily had already passed her driving-test with flying colours! …and I was under the impression that Freddy & Lily share a car, so how does that work out with her working at the call-centre and him drudging in the GayGormengharsley kitchen? …perhaps he borrows Roooarrrreighey’s bike (…when R. isn’t giving Mia a lift with all the GrundgieGroceries, that is!)

What with the H & K singing the praises of BarfsetshireBloo earlier in the programme tonight’s script sounds like it must have been one fresh from the StympletonMidden. :unamused:


That wasn’t Freddie.


Oh, then do tell! Pleeease! :confused:


Ben. Leonard was inveigled into blocking the awkward hill start place by parking there, but it turned out to be the wrong place and Ben passed anyway. Or something. Memory hazy thanks to the concussion sustained when excessive merriment caused me to fall down in a fit and bang my head.


Ah! It was Benjy! (…poor Ben gets so few mentions that it’s hardly surprising that he escaped my failing memory!) - thanks! :wink:


It was “every deli”, not “every supermarket”. Rather smaller sales, I expect.