Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


Is Porton Down now a franchise?


Thanks once more for saving me from listening again! Still, it does sound as though sales of Borsetshire Blue have taken a sudden and upward swing, doesn’t it? Rather similar to the way Tony announced casually that said that the cheese accounted for a good chunk of their profits.


Oh, and by the way, I really, really hate it when Helen goes girlish and gigglesome as in thanking the cows. And she was horribly rude to Kirsty who should tell her to eff off.

What a shock, the idea that if more people wanted her cheese she’s have to make more of it. How dare Kirsty suggest that. Not helpful at all!


Maybe he walks the half-mile to work through the village, Sturmers. Quite a lot of people do. They may think all they do is get the bus or train, but they don’t all take their cars to the bus-stop or station, and most people don’t realise how far they live from said amenities.

That Lily couldn’t use the car on her own is a major flaw in that particular piece of scriptwriting: she has enjoyed almost uninterrupted sole use of their car, sometimes condescending to give Freddie a lift in to college, pretty much ever since they were given it. I would be surprised if she didn’t take it to get in to work, since she works further from where she sleeps than Freddie does.


…and from tonight’s MiddenScrapings:
Frilly: “…which little pocket?”
JohnnyWunderkind (for it is he): “…it’s in this little pocket! (…heh, heh!) …here it is!”
Frilly:(shocked) “…oh! …it’s rather…” (the rest of this conversation has been censored so as not to offend/shock/frighten/scare any long-time listeners…)
…as for the rest of the scene, we’ll leave that to the listeners’ imaginations (roll the FemeMusak!)
…back to the Midden, I guess! :confounded:


Maybe there’ll be a happy ending, with Old Grundy’s Sovereign Specific proving spectacularly effective. Johnny and Lily totally free of hangover symptoms. And life signs.


I managed to hear no sexual innuendo whatever in that scene. Must be a problem with my upbringing or something.


The rest is silage (well, probably copious amounts of puke, the way things were shaping)


Been catching up (gawds know why)

Is it particularly common to go to the wedding of an ex-girlfriend (of about a fortnight’s duration)?


No, be fair, Joe: Rex and Anisha first became friends in March 2017, started to go out/stay in together 19th July, 2017 (after going running together quite a lot, and a couple of false starts caused by Pip cockteasing), then Anisha went and spent a lot of time in Glasgow from October 2017 and he visited her there to support her in November 2017; when she came back to Ambridge after that they were sleeping together until she got the job in Newmarket in July 2018 and Rex decided not to go with her. So a little more than a fortnight.


It’s a very grown-up thing to do.

(Says someone who had an ex for a bridesmaid !).


Were you a beautiful bride Armers?


More beautiful than you can imagine.


A vision in a tulle veil with baby’s breath wreath. And size 12 Oxfords.


…asked (…despite the fact that I don’t really give a rat’s arse about it!)

…so who’s TrypeWriter was responsible for tonight’s MiddenScrapings?

(note to SFX: “…cut the bloody coconuts, fer Christ’s sake!”)


Gillian Richmond.


[Professor Jimus?]oops! my bad! (…not sure of this will work! …here goes!)


Next time just move it?


Not sure you can without Awesome Mod Powers.


…TheKaledonianKlown introduced him as “Mister Jim Lloyd”, so is he a prof. or isn’t he? (…millions and millions of listeners want to know!)

…as for the rest of the scrapings, well, Ms. Gillian Richmond, a word to the wise, don’t quit yer day job! (…oh, it is your day job! …you poor, poor mis-guided sod!)

…thank Christ that’s out of the way!

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