Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


I didn’t notice the ‘Mister’ Lloyd but I did think Jazzer should have shut up and not shushed everyone and let Jim get on with playing. Turning everyone’s attention to him as he had a second go at the piece could have been the last straw. OK it wasn’t but still …


You are absolutely right, Sturmers: hie thee to the slipped cogs.


And those powers have now been wielded!


…Ooooh! @joe, ta awfully! :kissing_heart: :heart_eyes::hugs:


Spewk. Thassorl.

Oh, and can someone eviscerate joy with a rusty teaspoon? Ideally on Kirsty’s rug that has replaced the one Lexi burst over.


This evenings episode really was bilge. I am getting rather bored with mawkish scenes of reconciliation; and why the blue thundering blazes has nobody told Jake and Mia that the only home they knew for ten years or so no longer belongs to their stepfather and they can never go back there?

(It would be too much to expect anyone to point out that if they had not run away in the cowardly manner that they did, that would not have happened…)


Are we surprised? Not, I suspect, if we’ve looked up this week’s writer.

Perhaps we’d better not tell Sturmers.


I suspect he may guess…


…heh! Just about to load up a pipe of “Dreams of Kadath” (…one for all the Lovecraft Aficionados out there) - sounds like it might be singularly appropriate! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (…still waiting for the wireless to warm up!) :thinking:


…mmmm, how true! (…well you did warn me!)

…OMG this is truly dire! (…dire, dire, dire, dire, dire)

Moaney: “Joy! …don’t let the door hit your planet-sized arse on the way out!”

…c’mon howz about a large explowshun as one of them vireworks goes wrang!



Yes, it would have been only polite to have the Pore-Little-Mite taken out by a dodgy rocket or similar.
They have no respect for their audience. Pah!


Alf has no income. He had to borrow money to put petrol in his car.

How does he afford to buy expensive fireworks, and how likely is it that he would then consent without a murmur to give them away?


All I am certain will be revealed

And all driven home by a bluddy great jack hammer

What happened to the idea of subtle and surprising drama?

With characters not ishoos


…as in the "MultipleCarbonSwitch"¹ ? - perhaps the TheStympletonTrypeWryter is an antique?

¹ dates back to the pre-digital days (late 1980s) “Those were the days. my friends - we thort they’d never end… etc. etc. etc.”


(from Friday’s scrapings): …when Enemer and ClarriE-Coli.luv were chatting at TheOldGrundgie’sFinalBash I thought that TOG might have preferred having the “do” in one of Pigsy’s PigArks or one of BaconBoy’s FarrowingPens, I think BruvverRowwwwwllff¹ would certainly have felt at home…


¹ Rowlllllfffff & Huuuuugghhhheeeeyyyy (one for your MajikList, @Fanta?)
(…and by way of explanation for the young 'uns in the audience:)


God, I hate crème de Menthe and I’m not even frae Glesca.

Doesn’t Connolly look young? Bastart.

this post might well have been a study in missing the point, but hey…


…well, dere, I think Dr. Freud might have some theory about yours truly having an unfulfilled desire to be a… to be a… "No! I can’t say it!" “Yes! You can! you can! OK a TA SW(…heads off to NortyStep to die of shame!)


Better to strangle an infant in its cradle etc, innit?
In which case send me, in no particular order, Rosie, Zander (the wee pikey,) and Gideon. Got me strangling gloves on. Might even be up to putting Pore-Little-Mite out of our misery, with the right encouragement. Oh, and Keira. Purely for the sport that is in it. Call it ‘poaching’ and I am sure the Grundys will be reconciled to the double loss. A brace of stiffs!


Just catching up with the November 11th effort, and misheard the line after Hoot’Nanny up and dropped t’Casserole (…damn you! Sir Isaac Newton!) and DopeyDave sez “…let me put this dress on and I’ll fetch the car-keys!” …ah, if only! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The more characters without issue the better…