Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


Tuesday’s scrapings:

Mum’s Birthday Banner: (I think it would look best up on the roof!)

…and when did TheOldGrundgie ever play cribbage? Never on air, surely? (Oh dear, come back TheCardIndex)

C’mon Wywyum, think! …how would Grogg Turnip have handled the situation? (remember he was a game-keeper, had a shot-gub, and a rather final solution to interior ceiling re-decoration!)

ClarriE.Coli-Luv’s command of TheQueen’sEnglish is fascinating, if somewhat gut-wrenching!

…and honestly, would LittleMia really be saying the things that were written for her in this episode? How old is she supposed to be?

(…for those readers who are wondering why I’m bothering to keep listening, I have to declare that I really don’t know exactly why, although having just discovered a baccy worthy of comparison to TheBalkanSobranieSmokingMixture, it is MalteseFalcon, and it’s almost identical to TBSSM. What a find! (…anything which makes TA listening easier can’t be all that bad!) :grinning:


I think Joe’s cribbage playing has been mentioned before. Have a vague recollection of Joe making distinctly ungracious remarks about Bob Pullen dying before he’d paid his debts. (How big could they be? Crib is normally “penny a point”—if money’s involved at all.)


Over (mumblety) years, if Bob were really bad at it…? I know, I’m stretching.


Purely in the interests of science, just tried a few games against the computer. Results: 121-119, 119-121, 121-99, 121-107

I’d have made 36p


You want to play against the Ma: she’d have you in the poor house inside a week.


That’s tempting! Finding real opponents these days isn’t easy.


Turdsday’s Scrapings:

“Let’s look at photos!” (…oh, gawd!)

Krate & ProfJimmus: (…oh, gawd! …oh gawd!)

I can’t stand it any more!

CRASH! Tinkle, tinkle!

(…reaches for phone with GlaziersInc on speed-dial)


It was Elizabeth, not Kate.


Ar, well, roight you be, zur! All TA’s bright young females with their nasal, screechy, vocal-fry voices sound like a workshop full of thickness-planers in dire need of adjustment to these old ears! :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Non-vocal Frys are definitely preferable.


No one could call either Elizabeth or Kate ‘young’, surely. Nor are either of their voices nasal.


Ah, yes. Christopher, after all…


I think in this case JMA¹

¹ John McEnroe Applies (…surely, Shirley) (…see upthread :roll_eyes:)


I’m fairly sure they would.


Yeah, well. Vain and deranged whores, the pair of them.


Vain? Archery, shurely?


Unreasonably irritated by the Lizteria at the presence of poor bloody Webster this evening. I know if people are afraid of spiders it is something they cannot help.
But bloody Widderbeth just effing well would be, wouldn’t she? Despite being brave and beautiful. Gah!


Who said anything about money?


Snork wee birdie


Well, here we go again!

Oh dear, poor Lenny! He seems to have splashed his nice clean suit with TA script! (…that’ll larn ‘im to go wandering about BrokeFailed without wearin’ 'is Wellies!)

(…pause for something speshul for @joe)

…later, Pheebles & Wreks & PoopSquit:
(…here’s a tip for PoopSquit, If you’d like to give Wreks a couple more acres, why not just “cuff 'im in the moolies¹”)

(…pause for something to restore my own sanity after listening to such yard scrapings!)

¹ © Took & Feldman circa 1967 - see “Rambling Syd Rumpo” - “Song of the Drunken Nurker” (as interpreted by Kenneth Williams)