Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


I don’t think Billy Connelly is yard scrapings…


…neither do I, what makes you think I do? (… honestly I thought the reference was quite apropos and that Joe would enjoy it!) The yard scrapings referred to the paragraph about Pheebles/Wreks/PoopSquit squipt! C’mon @Fanta do keep up! :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


…I am reminded of the description of Miss Knag (“Nicholas Nickleby” - Charles Dickens)
It may be further remarked, that Miss Knag still aimed at youth, although she had shot beyond it, years ago; and that she was weak and vain, and one of those people who are best described by the axiom, that you may trust them as far as you can see them, and no farther.


Presenting: Tonight’s Best Line:

ClarriE-Coli.Luv (talking with PolPat): "…couldn’t swaller fer larfin’"

…mmmm, sounds like the TA audience when doused with liberal doses of (…seemingly) endless GrundgieScams!

…oh, JusDim, close-miced and scoffin’ - Jesus Christ on a Cornflake! (…gimme strength!)


Just catchin’ up; Turdsday’s surfeit of Grundgies & Tracee & Romun & Harrisment set my poor imagination rolling with images of “beast wiv two-backs” :nauseated_face::nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:
…and now Friday’s scrapings hinting at Hoot’Nanny & Lennie performing same basic ritual!


You do suffer for your imagination, don’t you! Pore Sturmers.


So do we.


Maybe your imagination is not quite active enough. Why do you assume the missionary position?
That could probably be better phrased, but stet.
o god, so could that. I givvup


Friday November 22th; Oh dear! Y’know I’m almost starting to feel sorry for PuirWeeLennie - for if indeed he ties the knot with Hoot’Nanny, then I give him less than a year, I can just picture it on the Death-Cerstificate - “…driven to an untimely demise by withering barrage of hooting, and diet of casseroles and flep-jecks”

…and never forget: “…marry in haste, regret at leisure!” (…thank you, Gran! :kissing_heart: )


Invading Sturmers’ thread, I just want to say that if tomorrow gives us another example of fourth-from level Juxtaposition, I may have to go and slip strong laxatives into the writer’s beer.


But Fishers, how do you think the current scripts are produced?


I was assuming the other end, based on the previous three weeks of this particular scriptie’s work; he started in April and did a week in each of August and September, and none was excellent; I am unsure they rose as high as mediocre.


…er, um I’ve yet to catch up with the latest scrapings, I wuz plannin’ on doing so later; on this side of T’Pond ‘tis only ‘alf-past-vower, already dark outside, an’ porin’ wiv rain! …I was plannin’ on goin’ for an Indian¹ (…grub, that is!) wiv some mates, and listenin’ to the wireless later this evening (…from what you’re sayin’, oi gather you wouldn’t recommend listening to the latest epi on an empty tummy?)

¹ no gentlemen/ladies of East Indian heritage will be harmed in the making of our meal (…sez oi (…a vegetarian of 55+ years))


…well, we had some wonderful Indian nosh :india: (…and I scored the remnants for brekkers in the a.m.! :grin: ).

I boast a pretty strong stomach, so here goes (…nuffink!)

Cor, I thort LennieWithTheTeef wuz proposin’ to PoopSquit… :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: :grimacing::grimacing::scream:

Lenny 'n Hoot’Nanny (…buggeration! …where’s t’bucket?)

Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: :nauseated_face: Smarm! :face_vomiting: smarm! :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: Hoot! Smarm!

…and then PerfectJohnny & Belladonna!

(…shouts to Nursie: “…oi thinks we’re gonna need a bigger bucket!!!

(…an’ it’s still rainin’ :open_umbrella::open_umbrella::open_umbrella::open_umbrella: (…reminds oi of dear old Blighty! ) )


That was pretty yuk, wasn’t it? Particularly Leonard proposing to Pip. I thought she was going to accept! Solve all her problems, wouldn’t it?

Was it my imagination, but I thought we saw a darker side to Johnny last night … didn’t he sound a bit controlling? And Bella said he’d changed. Hmm … what’s going on?


Not you too, Janie?
Since Rob, people have had ‘control’ on the winkle and almost every time a character expresses an opinion or desire at odds with that of their interlocutor, or even a strong preference for something (such as a three-speed kettle), they are dubbed ‘controlling’.
FWIW, I thought Johnny sounded much as usual: an unconfident dullard.


Oh, I got a hint of it when he over-ruled something she said and hustled her off to Bridge Farm when she clearly didn’t want to go. And what was that ‘you’ve changed’ stuff about. And he didn’t seem to be listening to her - she’s the one for him whether she likes it or not.

My antenna went up and I’m sure I actually didn’t imagine it. After all, I never would have thought of Johnny as an incipient Rob - the last person, if I had to choose!

P.S. - Haven’t read any other boards yet or discussed the scene with anyone yet, so it’s all in my own tiny mind!


Maybe: but that’s the sort of thing that happens rather a lot in TA - one person insisting another do something the other is reluctant to, so perhaps I misread it. If thought anything it was “Yes! She’s going to dump the soft great sap over his ‘romantic lunch’”. Oh, and I did wonder where Helen, Henwy, Giddyjack, Pat, Tony and Tom were to be so conveniently and reliably absent.

I think that was quite realistic. He didn’t want to hear it and was doing the ostrich reaction. ime that’s not unusual and doesn’t equate to being controlling.

However, having thought about it, your antenna (you have just the one? shame) could be functioning accurately and they might have intended the scene to be ‘Johnny reacts badly to a Woman and is Controlling’ so that we can have the delights of Helen or Pat or both giving him a good stern lecture about what a Bad Person he was being. That’s something to look forward to, isn’t it, children?

ETA: I still maintain that both ‘control’ and ‘abuse’ are grossly over-used terms


You can have just the one antenna, can’t you? I never thought of myself lacking in the antenna department before, but now that you’ve mentioned it I am sorely feeling the lack of a second.

True. They are holy terrors for that. I may have only one antenna but I do have multiple hackles and they are always raised when TA characters (nearly always male) bossily announce they are ‘taking’ their partner out to dinner (whether they want to or not) or sweeping them off on a surprise holiday (pack yer bags, pusscat) or ‘taking’ them to buy a ‘complete outfit’ - David’s reward for Ruth getting reconstructive surgery.

I take your point about the word ‘controlling’ and shall cease and desist forthwith; it’s a bit like paranoid being used as ‘a bit worried’. I’ll just call Johnny a gurt big, bossy, cloth-eared oaf, will that do?


Same thing, shurely?